Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oklahoma Labyrinths, a path to Inner Peace

At the first brainstorming session of a possible 6BPTP retreat at Quartz Mountain in August 2010 or 2011, Respect Diversity Foundation, Peace Education Institute, and Casady Service-Learning representatives shared a meal at Joan's home. The Silence Institute representative was unable to attend, but was very much on board of bringing the organization that had provided the beautiful reflection cards we all shared as a uniting connection. As Carmen Clay explained the Youth Serve California and Shinnyo-En Foundation retreat in San Francisco, the subject of labyrinths came into the picture. Joan, brought to our attention, Gail Peck's path to inner peace. Gail in collaboration with Linda Yeingst and Phyllis Pennington had written a book, Oklahoma Labyrinths-A Path to Inner Peace(ISBN978-0-9800900-00 Hawks Publishing, to honor the Oklahoma Centennial

After short conversations at a couple of funerals, Carmen connected with Ann who had been thinking about a crazy idea, "building a labyrinth at Lake Hefner." Ann added to her personal research the Oklahoma Labyrints book and sent the following via e-mail.
For centuries labyrinths have been used as tools for personal pilgrimage, meditation and spiritual formation. In "A Labyrinth Pilgrimage," author C. A. Radke uses daily devotions to take the reader on a spiritual journey in a progression from creation to Easter. The journey follows the path into his unique, seven-circuit Cross Labyrinth design, which always leads the pilgrim to an encounter with God at the foot of the cross. This Leader's Guide Edition provides extra resources for small group leaders, including the day of the journey, questions for the group to consider, and hymn suggestions. Used in conjunction with CDs and songbook "A Labyrinth Pilgrimage, Hymns for the Journey," leaders are equipped to guide their groups on the pilgrim path.

About the Author
C.A. Radke has led, written, and participated in Christian studies for adults for over twenty-five years, covering individual books and surveys of the Bible, seasons of the Christian year, spiritual gifts, current issues, and other faith topics. He has written and published suggested hymns for use with the Revised Common Lectionary along with notes on Featured Hymns which have been posted for over a decade on his website, He earned his bachelor's degree from Oklahoma City University, holds a law degree from the University of Oklahoma, and completed classes at Southern Methodist University's Perkins School of Theology.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Eric Hamphries' Path to Peace

Black History Month YAC speaker
What and When? Conversation with Eric Hamphries. Art with Social Conscience. Friday, February 19, 2010, 7:00-7:45 a.m.
Why? The Tulsa Riots Exhibit
Where? Service-Learning Office
RSVP if attending: Free! Doughnuts provided
Carmen Clay
Sue Scott

A wonderful opportunity to have a professional artist Eric Humphries speak on his latest series the Tulsa Race Riots during Februray Black History Month. He will share about the process of finding his voice,his passion, how to create a series of work, and how to market your work.

Oklahoma City based artist Eric Humphries has decided to take his mission of using art to remember the victims of true life historical atrocities to college and high school classrooms throughout Oklahoma. Humphries creates bright, stylized paintings that cast new light on past events with hopes of making these often very old stories relevant to today’s audiences. The hour long slide show presentation is totally free and covers topics ranging from developing a style from a variety of influences, the creative process, how to exhibit and price ones artwork, and the importance of creativity as a voice. To schedule Humphries to speak, you can contact him at . Or for more information concerning his artwork, visit his website

Mr. Humphries will be a YAC guest speaker to Dr. Hobbell and Mr. Kelly's History classes.



Friday, January 15 and Monday January 18-MLK DAY CASADY YAC memories

Casady Memories-WEEK BEFORE MLK DAY: Monday 11-Thursday 14

Cecil's Investigational Site Visit to Habitat Site

Thursday, January 28, 2010


We view service as a combination of both the external actions we take in the world, and the internal motivations that drive our actions. By looking into what motivates you to serve, you can make more conscious decisions about the actions you take.



We want to share the gift called Shinnyo-En and their 6 Billion Paths to Peace Initiative; with anyone interested in bringing inner and world peace through service and kindness.

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