Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A journey of discovery and reconnection

I came to Peru to see elderly relatives and celebrate my 34th anniversary.  After my arrival to Chary's welcoming home, Mark and I went to Huancayo where my father's family lives. The trip left us very tired,but glad to have spent a day in Huancayo getting to know relatives. I met my cousins and thier beautiful families.  I am amazed at their influence in the future of the city and their social work.

The 24th Mark and I went to see beautiful beaches outside of Lima before before attending Mariana's graduation party from law school.  Mariana now has to pass the bar exam and she will finish her studies.  On the 25th we spent time with my mother's sister, Carmelita, and my mother's relatives.  All have welcoming, beautiful families and homes.  We all share a love and respect for our elders.  I realized how lucky I was to have been raised with my parents' values.   I was glad to see my aunt Carmelita.  She is in the loving home of her daughter surrounded by the love of her children and grandchildren.

On the 26th, the eldest living relative of my mother's family took us to eat Chambar,a soup from Trujillo only eaten on Mondays.  I felt sleep for hours after eating the hearthy delicious soup.  As the meal ended, I realized that my incredible uncle provides peace and harmony to all who crosses his path.  That is the secret of his success and longevity.

On July 27,the day before Independence day and through conversations I realize families from everywhere struggle but seeking balance and harmony in relationships provides a ripple effect and helps others try to focus on the same things naturally.  Mark cooked and one of my relatives opened his second clothing store.  The grand openning was amazing.  I am proud of my enterprising newphews.  Each has something going.  Their house is full of exciting activities and young entrepreneurial men and women who enjoy being with each other.  It was nice to seat a table with my uncle and all our family and friends.  We do so little of this type of activity in the USA.  Here is expected not as an obligation.  It is something all enjoy doing. It was a very nice feeling to get together at least three times each day with all the kids before they left for Miami.  We saw them at breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

From the 27 to the 31, I spent times with relatives who made Mark and I feel like royalty.  We were surrounded by love and kindness.  We ate wonderful food and visited beautiful places.  I will add pictures and more details later.  Life in OKC is back to its regular pace.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


In a few hours I will be back in Lima. Mark and I do not have any plans in mind except spend time with family and friends. For me is reconnecting, for Mark will be a journey of discovery as well.

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