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Peace Tree & Shinnyo-en reply

I am interested in at least showing it once at Casady. Are you all interested in the film at all? See below the e-mail from the director.

Thanks for your message and for your interest in showing The Peace Tree. Will this be a one time screening or will the university keep the DVD and show it again in the future? That determines the license which will go toward the post-production of our new film that we recently shot in India.

Thanks and hope you have a great International Day of Peace celebration.

Warmest regards,
Mitra Sen
Peace Tree International
Sandalwood Productions

Tel. (416) 441-0253
Fax (416) 441-6307

Hi Carmen,

Yes, if a high school acquires the dvd, they can show the film in perpetuity too, but it can only be shown within the high school.

Best regards,

From: Clay, Carmen
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 11:26 PM
May I suggest for the meeting to take place on the 5th unless there is a problem with Bill and Mikel. Mikel has younger children and maybe she could be on speaker phone like we did with Joan at the last meeting. Joan, Steve and Gigi have responded as able to participate.
I received the following response from Shinnyo-en:At the Foundation we are at a critical junction formulating our strategic plans under new leadership, and by September we will move to another office within the same building. In light of these issues, we are very sorry to inform you, but we won’t be able to provide substantial sponsorship to your peace events this year.

As for the DVD, Barefoot Gen, I believe we have an in-house copy. I will inquire to other staff if we could make another copy for an educational purpose without impinging on the copy right issue. In addition, we have a booklet that includes discussion questions about Barefoot Gen that Stanford’s SPICE program created. I’ll ask our staff to make copies of both the DVD and the booklet and mail them to you shortly.

I wish you the best for the Peace Day events! We’d love to feature this year’s activities on our website again. It will be great if a faculty member or an older student could write an article and send us some photos!

Best regards,


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Second Meting at OCU, 2:30, OCU Library, July 5th or July 7th

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Dear Jennifer,

I will be out of town on both dates, but I hope you will meet at 2:30 at the OCU Library on July 5th or 7th.

IDP,OCU Team: Please let Jennifer know if you can attend and when ASAP. Please feel free to add people you wish to consider attending this meeting:  

Mikel, Steve, Joan, and Bill are the main organizers of this citywide event . Next year, we will honor the memory of its founder, Linda Esser. Full history of Pinwheels for Peace OKC at .

DATE and location of pinwheels: We went back and forth regarding the best date to bring greater participation and also because this year is the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Peace. I personally prefer Wednesday because it might be easier to schedule school buses with kids coming to plant their pinwheels, but we had it on a weekend before and teachers like me brought and planted pinwheels. This is also the first year, a university is a planning partner. Last year, UCO only provided the location. Please let us know the pros and cons for the date for your institution and for the location of the pinwheels for highest internal & community visibility as well as being the path to the location of the main celebration.

PROGRAM: Mikel, Steve and Joan have created the 2-hour program in the past. With OCU School of Religion on board, I am looking forward to innovations. In the past, we had speeches, performances, pinwheels contest, and food and drinks on occasions when funding or donations were available. Steve has been the coordinator of the program. Mikel, the chair of the event,, coordinated publicity, contacted art teachers, and created the giant pinwheels contest. Joan brought members of her bureau of speakers  helped by Bill who is now the president of the UN Association of Greater Oklahoma . I was just one of the teachers who brought Casady students pinwheels and Casady performers.
FILM: This was my idea for an educational opportunity before, during, and/or after September 21. I envisioned a Peace film festival as an easy way to participate in the 11 days of global unity (Sept 11-Sept 21) Casady YAC students will also plant a “native” tree  and serve at the Food Bank with intergenerational, interfaith groups on September 11 from 1-4 p.m. (25-60 volunteers needed)

At Casady, thanks to the Dr. Gigi Hu, and a grant from the Japan Foundation, we will have at least two films. I have not received reply from the Shinyo-en Foundation yet, but we will be showing their video, and short videos on Youth for Human Rights during the month of September as well as videos from Peace Day TV  during our Activities Period. I am also waiting to hear from the director of a wonderful film: The Peace Tree  and a possible SKYPE presentation with Jeremy Gilley  during our daily chapel service. I do not know what will be pertinent for OCU. You have Dr. Gigi Hu with funding and film presentation for the OCU International Day of Peace Program as a resource. I look forward to the movie HOME

SUPPLIES FOR PINWHEELS: Everyone provides their own supplies.

Thank you for welcoming the International Day of Peace, Pinwheels for Peace at OCU. I look forward to the meeting minutes for the blog:

Peace @ the Heart of Service,

From: Long, Jennifer

Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 3:40 PM

To: 'Carmen Clay'
Cc: Meinhart, Charles J ; Davies, Mark ; Long, Jennifer

Subject: RE: Universal Peace Day- International Day of Peace

Hi Carmen,

Now that we are all back, and before we leave for more conferences, we were wondering if we could get everyone together on either July 5th at 2pm or July 7th at 2:30pm. This would include the group here from OCU and anyone you want to invite from your end. I found your blog page and so we wanted to ask a few questions to get things tightened up. You might send this to the group to be thinking about so that we are all on the same page when we meet.

1) Would you all prefer Sunday or Wednesday. If Sunday, will pinwheels be placed then or brought back on Wednesday? Either way, where would you all like to have them placed? The Quad? Along 23rd street? In the Kerr McGee plaza on the corner of 23rd and Blackwelder?

2) What is the focus of the 2 hours when people are there? Are there educational pieces, just performances, or what? Will there be a set program and how will that look? Is there a convener? Who will coordinate that?

3) The movie: Where will it be showing and when? Is it during that time (the Sunday or Wednesday) or would you like me to check on a space for Tuesday night?

4) Who will provide the supplies to make the pinwheels? Will each group provide their own supplies? If the supplies will be provided, how do we get them to each group?

On the OCU Schedule at this time (not including the Wednesday or Sunday) we have pinwheels being made during the Wednesday at the Wesley lunch through Religious Life, Thursday the 22nd we will show a movie “HOME” in connection with the OIKOS Conference which begins on Friday and goes through Saturday.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if everyone can get together. We will meet in the Library at this time and I’ll let you know more when I know which rooms are available. They should be calling me back soon.


Monday, June 20, 2011

IDP-PW-4-P 2011@OCU Request for Meeting

Dear IDP20011@OCU Team:

Could we consider having a meeting next week, June 27-July 1? I could also meet this week, Thursday (afternoon) or Friday.

Jennifer, or Reverend Long, and Dr. Meinhart, we are looking forward to working with you. Will you consider hosting our first meeting at OCU if at all possible next week or at a best possible date for most of the team in July? I have included in this e-mail pertinent Casady faculty and students to inform and welcome their input and participation.

Please find a tentative draft schedule of the International Day of Peace at Casady at I also placed news about a Peace Art Exhibit coming to Casady and news of the Japan America Society of Oklahoma, (JASO), Japan in a Suitcase outreach offerings made possible by a grant from the Center for Global Partnership, Japan Foundation. See attached flyers.

Looking forward to your reply,

Carmen Clay
Peace, the heart of service

For the ones who might not know: I received great news last week. Casady will host the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE, PEACE PALS ART EXHIBITION, AMBASSADOR OF PEACE COLLECTION,;  the artwork of youth from around the world as part of our International Day of Peace program. The Peace Pals Ambassador of Peace collection features artwork of youth between the ages of 5 and 16 representing 63 countries of the world. Each artwork is a masterpiece giving expression to the hope, aspirations and inner beauty inherent within the hearts of youth everywhere. Included on each artwork is the message, "May Peace Prevail On Earth". The Exhibition is made possible through a joint collaboration between the Culture of Peace Initiative and Peace Pals International. The exhibit is scheduled to open the first week of September at Casady and Oklahoma City venues. Will OCU consider being one of those venues? I hope the exhibit could be at Casady from September 1-10. After that it is open to possibilities, but curators will have to pick-up the exhibit from Casady or from any other venues. I sent an e-mail to Peace Pals to see how long we can host the exhibit in our city.

The Japan America Society of Oklahoma received a grant from the Japan Foundation, Center for Global Partnership and will be able to provide films and workshops for Casady and Oklahoma City as part of their Japan in a Suitcase outreach series. Check out the preliminary description of opportunities available. Dr. Gigi Hu, Education Coordinator of the Japan America Society of Oklahoma is part of our team and she will keep us updated.

See below a tentative "@ draft stage" schedule for Casady’s Service-Learning International Day of Peace:

-September 1-9: Peace Pals Art Exhibit @Casady, Location of Gala and exhibit TBA...We need to check with the Art Department and pertinent administrators

-Saturday, September 10: Japan America Society (JASO) and Japan Foundation, Center for Global Partnership Present: Japan in A Suitcase Film Series: On a Paper Crane, Tomoko's Adventure. We have requested Fee Theater, 2:30-4:30 p.m.

-Sunday, September 11: Interfaith Volunteering at the Food Bank (1-4, 25-60 volunteers)

-Saturday, September 17: JASO and Japan Foundation, Center For Global Partnership Present: Japan in A Suitcase Film and workshops: Taro the Dragon Boy, Sumi-e and Japanese Greetings and Etiquette workshops. Lunch provided for $15. Japanese restaurant catering. We have requested Fee, Student Center,Calvert & Woods. 11:30-4:30 Check attached flyer

-Wednesday, September 21: Casady Celebration of International Day of Peace: Artistic, engaging, empowering times during chapels celebrating International Day of Peace. During the School Day: Installation of Pinwheels for Peace around the Lake. We have requested administrative consideration of a possible human embrace around the lake with a peace song which we all should learn together- Suggestions Please!!! Afternoon and Evening International Day of Peace at UCO 3:00-9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Check out PeaceDay Global Broadcast - 2010 PeaceDay Global Broadcast | PeaceDay Global Broadcast

OCU home of International Day of Peace-Pinwheels for Peace OKC 2011

We received the confirmation that two professors from the School of Religion will be heading the OCU that will be working with the Pinwheels for Peace team. We are pleased to work with Jennifer Long and Joe Meinhart.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A culture of Peace: 100 days count down to International Day of Peace

This year marks the 30th annual International Day of Peace. This occasion was created by the UN General Assembly in 1981 in a resolution that was unanimously adopted by every Nation State.

Following is news from many participants around the world, including some time sensitive information. We will start with Peace Day TV, because many of us can be involved by featuring its web-based broadcasts on our web sites - over 2,000 organizations did so last year. This year, they have a Program Preview available beginning on June 13th to mark the 100 day countdown to the International Day of Peace.

Peace Day TV:
Unity Foundation and its Peacebuilding partners are pleased to announce the 3rd annual "PEACE DAY" 2011 Global Internet Broadcast celebrating the UN International Day of Peace. The purpose of the broadcasts is to promote the vitally important work of the United Nations, its humanitarian agencies, and other organizations throughout the world working for peace, the environment, human rights, social and economic justice. This year's broadcast, themed "Peace is the Goal", will give major focus to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. The broadcast will span 5 days from September 17th to September 21st. Plus, beginning on September 11th, as a lead up to this 5 day internet event, there will be live streaming of We The World's "11 Days of Global Unity" special events taking place across the planet (see below). The Broadcast website is More importantly, any organization can embed the "Peace Player" to carry this year's broadcast on their own website.

On June 13th, the "PEACE DAY" 2011 Global Internet Broadcast will be launched with a two hour Program Preview, marking the 100 Day Countdown to Peace Day. The Preview will provide an overview of the content of the entire 5 day broadcast. The Launch will begin at 12 noon (PST) on Monday, June 13th. Please visit to view the Launch and Program Preview. For information concerning how non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses can participate in the "PEACE DAY" 2011 Global Internet Broadcast please contact Unity Foundation at

This year a host of humanitarians, musicians, actors, sport figures and authors are coming together to participate in the "PEACE DAY" 2011 Global Internet Broadcast these include: UN Messengers of Peace

June 13th 100-Day countdown for the International Day of Peace at the UN
As it has done for a few years now, the UN Department of Public Information hopes to initiate a 100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace on Monday, June 13th, during which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will deliver his annual message along with this year's theme. All member nations of the General Assembly will be encouraged to participate, as will people and organizations across the planet. During the 100-day countdown UN departments and agencies, and affiliated NGOs, announce plans for their programs and observances of the International Day of Peace. There will be a focus on youth involvement this year.

International Day of Peace
Peace Pals Art Exhibition
Ambassador of Peace Collection
As we approach the 100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace, tens of thousands of events are being planned worldwide to focus on, educate and celebrate the theme of Peacebuilding. The Culture of Peace Initiative is especially pleased this year to offer you the opportunity to host and exhibit the artwork of youth from around the world as part of your International Day of Peace program. The Peace Pals Ambassador of Peace collection features artwork of youth between the ages of 5 and 16 representing 63 countries of the world. Each artwork is a masterpiece giving expression to the hope, aspirations and inner beauty inherent within the hearts of youth everywhere. Included on each artwork is the message, "May Peace Prevail On Earth". The Exhibition is made possible through a joint collaboration between the Culture of Peace Initiative and Peace Pals International. To read more about how to organize your International Day of Peace - Peace Pals Art Exhibition go to:

Planetary Week for a Better World, June 18 - 26
Offered in collaboration with Pathways To Peace and many other organizations, this Culture of Peace special program offers every human being the possibility to share and celebrate his or her contribution to a better world. This annual event was organized last year for the first time, and half a million people were involved on five continents. This year, more than 25 million people are already preparing for this. The grace and impact of this week will arise from many human beings making inner Peace shine with what they actually do – through everything they experience, create, and transform. To find out how you can participate and contribute, please look at the full announcement on the Culture of Peace website and/or visit the Planetary Week for a Better World website (You may need to use a web based translator, such as a Google tool bar to view this in English):

Universal Peace Day:
August 6 & 7, 2011 is Universal Peace Day, commemorating the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On those days there will be a global observance and worldwide broadcasts. The event, LIVE PEACE INTERNATIONAL will commence in the city of Hiroshima, during which runners in a relay will bring the torch of peace into the city at dawn, their time, to light the fire of HOPE AND PEACE. Following is a world wide cultural exchange between 125 countries participating with music, dance, theater, art, and indigenous customs. Musical performances include Pete Seeger, REM, Melissa Etheridge, Nenad Bach, and many more. Be a representative for your country, city, or town by registering your event at

To view this on line, tune in at Peace Day TV, the United Nations Peace page, or any other site carrying the Peace Day Global Broadcast Player. Also, public service announcements will be aired during these broadcasts, encouraging participation in observances of the International Day of Peace.

11 Days ~ 11 Ways / Sept. 11th - Sept. 21st:
2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic events surrounding September 11, 2001 as well as the 30th anniversary of the UN International Day of Peace, September 21st. Recognizing these historic events, We, The World, with the support of the United Religions Initiative and in consultation with the World Peace Prayer Society and Pathways To Peace, has launched 11 Days of Global Unity - 11 Ways to Change the World. This year, the "11 Days - 11 Ways" campaign connects Sept. 11 and Sept 21 with a transformative global program of solutions focused on 11 aspects of social change. Goals address reframing the media and political dialogue by promoting sustainable solutions, and creating a platform for collaboration and coordinated action that builds a culture of peace and environmental stewardship for a world that works for all. The 11 Days & Ways cover all of the UN's Millennium Development Goals and more; they are: Unity, Interdependence, Environment, Economic Justice, Health, Children & Youth, Women, Human Rights, Freedom, Disarmament, and The International Day of Peace.

Anticipated participants include the thousands of organizations and individuals that annually take part in the 11 Days of Global Unity and the International Day of Peace. 11 Days of Global Unity was first launched by We, The World in 2004 with the support of Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Bill McKibben, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Daniel Ellsberg, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Marianne Williamson, Jonathan Granoff, Hazel Henderson, Robert Thurman, Riane Eisler, William Schulz and other visionary leaders from around the world. 11 Days now annually includes over 700 associated events in more than 60 countries. Register your organization as a partner at . We The World will begin to promote your group's activities to a global audience - hopefully increasing the number of people you reach, increasing the number of allied organizations you can exchange resources and support with, and increasing the number of media mentions you receive. People can also volunteer to help by emailing

Peace Poles:
Peace Poles can be a centerpiece to your International Day of Peace program! Peace Poles carry the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth. Tens of thousands of Peace Poles have been planted the world over as an international monument dedicated to the spirit of peacebuilding. Peace Poles come in various sizes which can be displayed on tables, altars, and podiums as well as planted outdoors. Please join the thousands of organizations and people who will be celebrating the International Day of Peace by including a Peace Pole as part of their observances.

International Day of Peace Facebook page. There are over 33,000 members in our International Day of Peace Facebook group. Please sign up and encourage people in your network to also do so. Posts cover Peacebuilding activities year round from all over the planet. In fact, every day member organizations and individuals post about their own activities and efforts. It is a great source of inspiration and for networking.

Global Peace Film Festival:
The 8th Annual Global Peace Film Festival, Sept. 20 - 25, 2011, is a celebratory event to honor those who promote global and community awareness of peace and environmental sustainability. Each year films from all over the world address topics such as: women's, children and workers' rights; environmental problems & solutions; community organizing; hunger & homelessness; the personal affects of war; indigenous cultures; water rights; health; interfaith alliances; abused children; racial intolerance; and disarmament.

Get involved:
Following are some of the organizations involved in the annual global observance of the International Day of Peace (in alphabetical order). They are located all across the globe. Many have hundreds of chapters or affiliates internationally; and many have hundreds of activities observing the International Day of Peace - some have thousands. There are also thousands of grassroots efforts around the world that observe this occasion: ABC 4 All, Aim High Institute, Amnesty International, The Barka Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, CARE, Caritas International, Celebrate Positive, Celebration Earth; Children of the Earth, Circle of Peace, Coalition for Peace Action, Council for Social Development & Human Rights, The Culture of Peace Initiative, Difrent, Dominican Leadership Conference, Earthdance International, ENO Programme, Franciscans International, Friends of the United Nations, The Gandhi Tour, Global Family, The Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, Global Family for Love and Peace, The Global Mala Yoga for Peace Project, The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, The Goi Peace Foundation, Humanity’s Team, IDP Vigils, Interfaith Peacebuilding Initiative, The International Holistic Tourism Education Centre, The Jane Goodall Institute, Just Peace Creation, The London Week of Peace, Mayors for Peace, Ministry for Peace, Montessori Schools, The National Peace Academy, National Youth Coalition, Odyssey Networks, Omega Institute, One World Youth Project, Ontario Day of Peace, Pathways To Peace, Paz Con Todo, The Peacemakers Circle, The Peace Alliance, Peace Day Parade, Peace Foundation, Peace in Our Lifetime, Peace International Foundation, The Peace Pole Project, Peace Messenger Cities, PeaceJam, Peace One Day, Peace X Peace, Pinwheels for Peace, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, Projecto 3ier Milenio, Railroad Street Youth Project, Religions for Peace, The Ribbon International, Roots & Shoots, Rotary International, Service for Peace, The Student Peace Alliance, The ThinkPeace Network, School Sisters of Notre Dame, Soka Gakkai International, UNACTO, UNICEF, United Church of Christ, The United Nations, The United Religions Initiative, United Sikhs International, The Unity Foundation, Universal Peace Federation, The Valentine Peace Project, Vigil for International Peace & Ecology, VIVAT International, We The World, The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources, Women & Children Development, World Council of Churches, The World Peace Prayer Society, Youth Ambassadors for Peace.

Youth Projects for the International Day of Peace:
Several of these organizations have programs for the International Day of Peace that involve young people. Some of these are: The Jane Goodall Institute, Roots & Shoots, Pinwheels for Peace, The ENO Programme, PeaceJam, Circle of Peace, The Railroad Street Youth Project, the United Religions Initiative, Peace Messenger Cities, Peace One Day, Mayors for Peace, Just Peace Creation and Youth Ambassadors for Peace. Also, the United Nations CyberSchoolBus provides a substantial web presence for activities for schoolchildren for the International Day of Peace.

As always, please post your 2011 'Peace Day' events on our web sites and Events posted there will be included in the annual Culture of Peace Initiative Report to the United Nations. Also, events posted to either web site automatically show up on both web sites. Thank you.

May Peace Prevail On Earth

This newsletter is offered by Pathways To Peace, International Secretariat of the Culture of Peace Initiative, and a UN Peace Messenger organization. Pathways To Peace has been involved with the International Day of Peace since it's inception in 1981 and has nurtured this occasion from a single event of a few hundred people into an annual global observance that is inter-cultural and inter-generational in nature, and that reaches hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Pathways To Peace has created and maintained the dedicated websites for the International Day of Peace and the Culture of Peace Initiative; we produce and distribute this newsletter; we held a successful campaign to have the International Day of Peace listed on most calendars across the globe; we are continually involved with communications and planning about this annual event both inside and beyond UN circles. Last year we helped to create the UN's slogan for the International Day of Peace: Peace = Future. To learn more about our programs, networks, campaigns and support materials please see our websites.
Pathways To Peace is a nonprofit organization, whose work would not be possible without our volunteers and your support. Please click here to donat

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