Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Actualizing the Six Billion Paths to Peace Retreat, Marconi Center, Marshall California

Sasha stated on board of plane her personal reflection of this retreat in three words:
Passion + Progress = Peace.  The phrase that says it all for Carmen is Trust in Peace at the Heart of Service. 

We did not have time to blog because we had such full days, sleep came quickly.  We also did not have free Internet connection in our rooms.  It was nice to concentrate on person to person talking and building community with each other and the retreat participants.

The group did a lot of informal sharing, reflecting, and planning on board of  planes, vans, and during our last dinner together at the Embassy Suites Hotel overlooking the bay.  For next near, I will strongly consider staying a day after the retreat at the Embassy Suites.  If a special educator's rate is available, 3 people can stay in each room.  I will ask for all meals to be included in the price of the stay.  This hotel has a beautiful view and a walking or running track next to the ocean.

Sharing ideas on board of plane to San Francisco:  (Dr. Nanda's notes)  Updates in Italics
Build Relationship with Faculty through kindness
-Birthday list, Giant Faculty card delivered on b-days, signed by all faculty with best wishes.  Maybe a b-day cake and punch every other month. Dr Nanda is taking care of this.
-Once a month informal meetings for faculty to share, by departments maybe, at a private home. Dr. Nanda is considering leading this effort.  The 6bptp group will meet once at least to cook egg rolls and have a check-in.  We hope to have a reflective time with administrators shortly after school begins.  Part of the team should have a chapel presentation before Haru comes on September 21. Update:  We met once during the Xmas break, but just the teachers.  Josh and Sasha 's personal challenges took them away from YAC.  Sarah went to college and seems to be adjusting well.
-Imagination House ??  It was in Dr. Nanda's notes, but I was not part of this conversation.

Building Community at our School-On board of plane conversation
-What do I owe my community? Chapel talks, Random Acts of Kindness, attend theatre performances, Hope Trunks, Memorial speakers.  Carmen brought the HOPE Trunks from the OKC Memorial Musem to focus on kindess over violence for the first two weeks of school.  She will try to bring as many PEACE ONE DAY series at chapel.  Their 1-2 minute videos are inspiring.  Longer documentaries to share with parents could be part of a film seriesTime is the challenge! Update: Hope trunks were just introduced this year.  Next year I hope to have a teacher retreat at the Memorial before school starts funding provided.  Mrs. Crossno took the 6bptp and hope trunk to greatness in her advisories.  The Memorial Museum is planning to have a retreat for administrators this summer.  I hope Casady administrators will attend.
-Headmaster speeches- Once a Week, Leadership in describing what is he Casady community. Dr. Nanda and Mr. Bright had a conversation regarding this area.  Dr. Nanda recommended administrative attendance to the retreat next year. Update: The administrative chapel speeches are about creativity and daily challenges.

-Middle School and Lower School: Senior Speeches Carmen will speak to Father Blizzard about a greater intentionality on this area.  The challenge is that the seniors will be missing class time, maybe speeches could be taken to chapels during the week the seniors call "death week."  Update: No chapel speeches yet

-Faculty encourage to speak...Father Blizzard encouraged, "Tell Your Story...In the Beginning" at first chapel. Some of the stories have been inspiring!

-Chapel speeches about the history of the school - Mr. and Mrs. Gill could be a great resource, maybe we should take their story as part of NPR Story Corps. Nothing has been done in this area yet.  I will talk to the Gills about this for National Volunteer Week!

-Lower Division coming to Middle Division and Upper Division Pinwheels for Peace example, 4th grade project!  5 years running.  UPDATE:  Primary, LD, MD will make pinwheels.  In the Upper Division, some of the art  and  foreign language classes will make pinwheels. YAC will make a giant pinwheel in collaboration with the stage craft and art club. GALES will make pinwheels. T-shirts for all pinwheel makers and perhaps for the whole school possible. Update:  We needed to have used this to get the UD kids excited about making pinhweels.  Maybe next year, if administrators allows PW in UD.

-Marketing Casady:  Strenghts:  Pre-K to 12th, Music Program Marketing musical performers through service to community events, example Casady Pinwheels at UCO, Casady Performers at UCO, International Day of Peace Celebration. Update:  Marketing had a recuitment of new students agenda this year.  They did a great job with the weekly video.

- Build Connections with Blake School, connect to other 6bptp resources after the retreat:  Youth2Youth, Unity (Blayne Roundtree), connect to 21st Centuty Skills.  Sarah has not responded to e-mail communication. We have to set a date to connect to Unity: YAC and the Multicultural Club.  Have not contacted Y2Y.   Update: Sarah's fee is $2,000+ expenses and travel.  Communicated with UNITY, but will contact them again for Multicultural Week.
-Bring Hiroshima Peace Concept, Pearl Harbor Day Remembered;  Bring Clydia as a guest speaker.  Sing children Peace song in Chapel.  We will have a Manga Origami Peace Matinee, September 12: Family Volunteering.  We will make the first of 1,000 paper cranes that we hope Clydia will take to Hiroshima as our ORIGAMI HOPE FOR PEACE. Update: the matinee had 60 participants.  We will do it again next year.  We made 250 cranes and the International Club in MD is considering making the rest

Reflection on board of van, return trip to San Francisco: 
Why 6bptp for Casady?  How 6bptp at Casady?
-It is natural. It is authentic.  It is the ideal model.  It makes sense.  Illuminates the smalles and greatest acts.  It focuses on small genuine connections.

-It is a way to create community.  We talk about it, we want it.  6bptp can help us create it linking all aspects of the school, focusing on our commonalities: Gales, Service, Theatre, Football.  Peace and Kindness are expressed in different ways, but the ideas evolve naturally.  It is obvious and natural. We have been working hard to do this!

-It is the type of education our children deserve.  Kids need help bringing their inner goodness through service.  For some, we will plant a seed, for others, we will see transformation.

-Enhances communication if done right.  Helps teachers approach students in a kind, creative way.  It helps teachers use story telling like Mr. Moore.  It helps teachers approach students learning style.  It allows teachers to do interdisciplinary work. Brings fun, games, PLAY into learning.  Makes teaching 21st Century Skills a path to peace.  It is naturally embedded in the language classes.

-It can bring willing parental involvement -Family Service Night

How? Peace could be integrated to everything we do at school

Chapel program.  It exists.  It does not compete with anything.  Its role is an introduction with faculty follow up as role models.

Administrative Buy in: Students relate retreat findings to Mr. Huestis, etc..  Kindness and service become a priority throughout the school.  Parents and teachers will like it because it teaches students how to do something productive without fundraising.

New Teacher Orientation:  Intentionally done at comment writing class as a personal story.  Intentionally invite adminstration to hear reflection.  Give 6bptp cards to teachers. 

Kindness over Conflict in drama productions: Connect Mrs. Crossno with Hayley Thompson. Look at curriculum for the next 6 weeks.  Make kindness part of the school's essential question or overarching goal.

Marketing 6bptp in September:  Promote it with all departments.  Support the work of all departments.  Provide 6bptp cards set to department heads. Connect kindness and 6bptp to Pinwheels for Peace and Hope Trunk.  August 17-21: Connected to division heads and teachers to increase the number of students making Pinwheels for Peace and for buildings to receive the HOPE Trunks.  YOU TUBE videos about PEACE ONE DAY.

YAC, STUCO, LOCK-IN: Presentation of 6bptp during FEDEX Time, Movie Pay it Forward discussion.  Intentionality of purpose at all meeting.  Creation of Freshman Lock-in and/or retreat.  CPO collaboration in funding, Service-Learning budget to bring one or two trainers (Sarah, UNITY, and Y2Y).  Find grant funding and donnors.

Speeches, Videos, Partnerships:  Inspirational You Tube videos, speakers, alumni.  Interfaith service that focus on the commonalities of the religions.  Partening with community organizations with similar missions:  OKC Memorial Museum, Shinnyo-en Foundation, Haru coming from San Francisco on September 21 to speak at chapels.  6bptp team speaking at chapel

Daily Interactions:  Being kindner. Creating atmospheres where it is safe to take risks, where all are nurtured, and feel safe.  Providing a balance of trust and risk, peace and solving conflict with kindness.

Freshman Retreat or Lock-In:  Leadership for a cause.  Bring Y2Y, Sarah, Unity ideas to the process.  Find funding to bring the facilitators.  Make things simple, fun.  "People have to want to do it."  This is a class that will welcome a lock-in because they have not had one before.  Some parents do not allow kids to stay overnight.  They could be picked-up at 1:00 a.m.  Lock-in could be in combination with a parent party after a home football game.  Retreat could be on a Saturday during the day! at the gym.

Tag people doing something nice:  Competition doing acts of kindness, stress the act, not the person who did it because many will go unreported.  Have competitions within clubs: Gales, Football, etc. and faculty.  Have and inspirational speaker be the leader (have some control over the story teller):  Mr. Scovillle, Mr. Bottomly, Dr. Gerard.  It could start one Friday at Chapel.  Communication could be done via daily announcements at chapel and via bulletin board and Student Center announcement board.  Reward positive behavior system

Intentional Conversations with:  Club sponsors, STUCO, CPO (Make Pinwheels, Report Acts of Kindness, create a positive behavior system that rewards the actions, not the person)

Family Service Night (Blake School):  Service projects at tables that families can do together, kind of like BINGO night, a gathering with a higher purpose, fun and social.

M & M Activity-Questions (Led by the person who experienced it: Who do you love, need, what does peace mean to you, what blocks your peace?)
Quotes:  This is a work that will outlast me

YAC FEDEX TIME: Place pinwheels, Hope Trunk, Six Billion Paths to Peace on the agenda and see where students take it.  View Pay it Forward and see what changes the movie motivates.


Thursday, August 12:  The flights to San Francisco were on time and we met Clydia at the airport.  The shuttle took a few minutes. We arrived at our hotel without delay.  At check-in, we realized that the Casady credit card could be charged directly which made getting our hotel rooms and checking out a breeze.  Thank you to the Casady business office for the work they will have to do collecting money for the cost of the rooms from Dr. Nanda (2 rooms), Sarah's parents (one room), and Dr. Clydia Forehand (one room). 

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Nanda's donation for this trip, a taxi-van took the group to Fisherman's Wharf and  had a great tour of San Francisco for $125 for a group of 7. We ate at a lovely restaurant recommended by Clydia, who travels to San Francisco on a yearly basis due to her work with Keeping Score.  We went to bed with a smile because of the joy with which Mrs. Crossno took every inch of San Francisco.  The fog was thick at first, but as we drove into the city it cleared and Mrs. Crossno was like a kid in candy land.  She enhanced the beauty of San Francisco with her joy of being there.

Friday, August 13: Ate a great breakfast at Red Roof Inn.  The room was clean.  It has close proximity to the hotels with ocean front.  I walked early in the morning and discovered the Embassy Suites where I hope to stay next year.  We took a van to Marconi.  The driver went from unpleasant to helpful.  We asked him to take us to a restaurant close to Marconi, which for $10 plus tip provided by Clydia, he reluctantly did.  The restaurant was lovely and after the meal, sharing a ride with a friend of Mrs. Patterson, and returning to recover a forgotten video camera, we checked-in our rooms. 

3:00:  Opening: Haru, Henry, Ineko, Abby, and Kim(Introduction of Home Group Facilitators)  They all had inspirational speeches, but what stayed in my memory is Yo soy el otro tu, tu eres mi otro yo.  These words, in Spanish, by Henry Lozano brought to light the reflective and mirror like connections we have as human beings.  He also mentioned that Peace at the Heart of Service was the original name of Six Billion Paths to Peace, which is about to change to Seven Billion Paths to Peace according to Haru.  Ineko, Abby, and Kim did a great job, but the presence and character of Liane and Youth Serve California were  missed.

3:25: Values of 6bptp through movement by Sarah Crowell from Destiny Arts (; 510-597-1619, ext. 102).  Sarah did an incredible job building relationships with a group of 70 people.  She invited us to look for a partner.  She asked to share how we found that partner.  Then, Sarah asked us to start listening to each other as we found 3 things we had in common, and one in which we were different. The discovery was quick and effective.  Sarah took time to ask groups to share their findings.  She helped us build trust by asking us to face each other and place our palms close, but not touching.  Then. Sarah asked the groups to close our eyes.  Sarah asked to think about that space in between our palms; the space of our commonalities as humans, the space of our connectivity in peace, harmony, and trust.  Sarah asked the groups to described to each other how that space felt.  "The space between our palms felt warm, nurturing. and embracing."     To start collaborating, she asked one member of the group to be a leader.  The leader's task was to make something the other member of the group would have to mimic.  The follower was the mirror of the leader. Sarah connected to Henry's speech which made the activity even more relevant and engaging.  It was fun, warm, and silly at the same time.  Finally the leader became the follower, and the task was to make a sculpture of the partner.  I found out that my partner was a gardener, therefore, I froze her in a gardening pose.

Then, Sarah asked to expand our connectivity  and from a group of two we grew into a group of four.  The new team had to create movement for Person #1: Give, Person # 2: Grow, Person# 3Transform, Person #4 Had to add transitions between words.  It was amazing what the groups created as they explored and began to own the mission of the Shinnyo-en Foundation.

4:05 Six Billion Paths to Peace Presentation by Shinnyo-en Fellows  We heard about their projects quickly.  I wish we had a written summary like we did last year.

4:20 Introduction of Roots and Fruits. Heart of service, Home Groups by Kim Keller (, 541-201-0168, 541-326-2007)  A creative way to introduce the home group facilitators, but I do not remember details.  I have asked Kim to send me her process for facilitators because she trained them well.  They were young, enthusiastic, and quick to problem solve.  They did a great job creating a nurturing environment where we trusted and shared as well as learned about the Six Billion Paths to Peace.  Kim worked in collaboration with Y2Y and Unity.

I was surprised that no cards or t-shirts were given at this retreat.  I thought the Home Groups would have been the best venue to look over those cards.  I was also surprised that they did not choose to share the Blake School experience with the Six Billion Paths to Peace cards.  It would have been a concrete way to demonstrate what could be applicable to receptive environments where time is allocated for this type of activity.  Maybe it is not time ITS yet??

4:30 First Home Group Meetings. Introductions: Shares name, where we came from, and something we were good at. Then we worked on guidelines of interaction. (I was surprised to see this process at Marconi, but after a few hours I would understand why.  My life guidelines trust, love, balance, and integrity.  I am still working on the concrete behaviors of my life guideliness.

After the guidelines, we did an art activity: Post-it notes in the shape of fruits, roots  made of paper for values. Supplies: Big post-it note paper, small post-it notes, roots to write on, markers, glue.  We made a tree of our values and how those values helped us learn, grow, and maybe transformed through service. 

5:45:  Late arrivals room check-in

6:15 Dinner We made a connection with Nan and her team.  We discussed the Casady Program.  I concluded that we need to define the mission of the service program with input from all areas of the school.  There has to be buy-in from the administrators and it has to become part of the culture of the school.  We were advised to be more focused, less fundraising, more school wide projects.  The Blake School Family Service Night was mentioned several times as fun, social, and service focused.  Several service possibilities available for parents and students to do together.  We will have tea time Origami Peace Hope in September to advocate kindness over violence as part of our September 11 remembered.  We are also planning to bring HOPE Trunks from the OKC Memorial Museum.  I will also check with the museum to see if they have a Sept.11-April 19 exhibit of the kindness provided at both venues.  The exhibit could be displayed at the Library, Student Center, and Community Room.  I could also see if there could be a pannel of OKC Memorial Museum for Parents with Hayley's group having a performance for our community.

8:10 Small Group Presentations
-Kim Keller - India
-Jody Kennedy - White Plains NY  We heard about her teleconferencing service.  The Casady teens were at this presentation, when asked why, they responded because it was the closest to the dinning hall and it was cold outside.  White Plains does not use the only resource I know we have at Casady for teleconferencing, SKYPE.
-Nan Peterson - Kenya Talked about her school's trip to Kenya where teachers went to look at the needs first and then the kids came with a plan of action to address the needs  As a result, the Blake School children grew and transform as they gave and learned from the people who crossed their path to peace in Kenya.
-Steve Herrera -New Mexico Immersion Trip

8:40-11:00 Open Mic  I was surprised but from the Casady team, only Clydia and I were at this activity.  We sang, danced, and had a great time.  If I am lucky to be selected one more time, I will bring cumbias, etc.  This is a great opportunity to share "my dancing story" with willing participants.  I learned about "running man" and even at this activity, I connected to the heart of the people with whom I was dancing.

Saturday, August 14

7:00 Yoga with Kim.  It was a nice way to start the day, but I missed my morning walk and breakfast.

7:30 Breakfast

8:30 Large Group Meeting: Sign up for afternoon activities and announcements

8:45 Shinnyo-en Fellows Round Table Group Discussions: I wished there had been a written paper of their projects like it was last year.  The projects were all worthwhile, but I do not remember details.

10:00 Break

10:15 Second Home Group Meeting: I was late because I had to find medicine and ice for Josh. Powerful interactive process.  I hope to get handout from Kim or Jshon.  We shared our "sacred object."  I was surprised about the difference in interpretation of "sacred."  Some were religious others spiritual, some utilitarian.  All had in common that they provided a nurturing environment, a safe place. I was not in full presence at times because I was concerned about one of my youth members.

Then, the facilitators did the Step in, Step out activity in a circle.  The choices given elevated this simple PE activity to a higher level.  I hope to get the choices from Jshon or Kim.  There was a lot of thought in the choices given.  Then, Jshon asked us to lay on our backs and she asked us to give a word that first came to our mind after she mentioned a word.   Connecting words could be repeated.  It was an amazing exercise. To end, one of the home group members took us to a spiritual spot found at Marconi because it was part of her description of "sacred objects."

12:00 Lunch: Continued to network. Sat with Youth2Youth students.  Great organization, amazing young people.

1:00 Barefoot Gen (A story of Hiroshima atomic bomb victims and survivors in animation) A very strong, yet sweet, and hopeful film. I hope to bring it to Casady as part of the advocacy for peace effort in 2012.  This year I have OKC Memorial Hope Trunks, Pinwheels for Peace,, and the manga and anime film from the Japan America Society.  With the donations from the YAC Invitational we purchased the rights to show the DVD at any venue we wish.

3:20 Break
3:30 Small Group Activities
a. Peace Art /Drawing with Coco Mendoza
b. Art Making with Jody Kennedy
c. Ocean Hike with David Sponheim
d. Dancing with Sarah Crowell
e. Beach Walk for Home Group Facilitators
f. -Peace through Service-Japan Trip Blake School, Interesting to see how the Blake kids learned and transformed through direct interaction with the Hiroshima Peace Museum.
 - Hawaii Lantern Floating with J'shon Lee, Victor Fuentes, Blayne Roundtree from Unity (,; Victor Fuentes: 916-271-1388,, UNITY in OKC:  Physical Address:  500 N. Broadway, Suite 10, Oklahoma City, OK 73102. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 800, Oklahoma City, OK 73101, Phone: (405) 236-2800  (405) 236-2800 ; Fax: (405) 971-1071) It was an spiritual journey in which two faiths found harmonious communalities.  I will like to have some sort of Lantern ceremony for my relatives ashes.

6:00 Dinner

7:15-11:00: Labyrinth Walk-Part II of "Barefoot Gen"  Repeated for both groups. The most amazing connections were made at my third labyrinth.  I love Kim's process of sending off, the Native American drums, lavander and the articles in the middle of the labyrinth: feathers, candle, image of a virgen with a heart in the middle.  There were more, but I do not remember all.  This is something one has to be there to understand.

Sunday, August 15

7:00 Breakfast Optional meeting regarding future collaborations:  I was given the opportunity to test my path to peace and life guidelines of interaction, therefore I did not take advantage of this opportunity. I had a meaninful walk with Sarah first and then I chose to take time for myself in communion with the beautiful nature that surrounds this peaceful place.

8:25 Check-out from rooms

8: 30 Interfaith Pannel discussion:  Co-exist, focus on the communalities!  Amazing story tellers.
Valentina Khan - Muslim
Sandy -Jewish
Nurredina Walkman - Sufi
Steve Herrera- Catholic
Jerri Brunoe - Native American I want to get to know her
Haru Inouye - Buddhism

9:40 Peace Through Service: Trip to Hiroshima by Blake School, Interesting but a repeat presentation for me.

10:30 Break

10:40 Last Home Group Meeting: Creation of movement reflection.  The process was fast because we all had strong ideas of what we needed to be our personal constribution to our reflection together.  We walked (labyrinth). We use our hearts as drums (Peace at the Heart of Service).  We stop to Connect (Yo soy el otro tu, tu eres el otro yo) and then, the gentle voice of one of our group members and our body movement connected to the mission of the retreat and every participant as we followed with our minds, bodies and souls: Give, Grow, Transform. 

11:30 Celebration of Retreat with Home Groups Fruits Activities... by Kim  Nice interactive way to reflect and demonstrate our personal and group learning to the bigger group.  The creativity of all the groups was amazing.

11:45:  Group Picture...Retreat Evaluation via e-mail

12:00 Final opportunity to check-out

12:15 Lunch...Talked to Nurredina Walkman about Life Prep 101 and 102.  I need to follow-up with her. 

1:15 Farewells

2:00-11:00 Return to hotel, dinner and group reflection on board of van and at restaurant

Monday, August 16:  We flew all day due to plane malfunction.  What could have been a very unpleasant time at airports was welcomed as an opportunity to be together and continue our reflective and brainstorming time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

San Francisco Six Billion Paths To Peace Retreat- August 12, The Beginning

By 1:45, we should all be on board of plane.  The Casady team will blog here as often as possible to reflect and to share with their sponsors, Mr. Chris Black, Dr. Sumeeta Nanda, Dr. Clydia Forehand, Mrs. Carmen Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cox, and Mr. John Kennedy highlights of the retreat. 

Why 6bptp? 
Carmen:  To coexist in harmony with trust and balance.  Share the gift of serenity and service as a team.  Be resources to the creation of  that type of environment in our homes, the communities in which we live, and anywhere our paths take us.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Six Billion Paths to PeaceRetreat Meeting Oklahoma Team

Welcome Video
Shinnyo-en brochure
Be the Peace and Six Billion Paths to Peace Reflection cards
Book on loan: Drive

6:15 -6:45
What motivated me to go?
What I hope to get out of the retreat
Sacred Object
Shinnyo-en Foundation 10th Year Anniversary video

Questions about the trip and reteat
Funding for the retreat
Boarding passes distributed

YAC Invitational Reflections

Dr. Gigi Ho, Japan America Society Education Coordinatorm "The visit to the OKC Memorial Museum has been an educational experience especially the amount of information one gathered at the series of talks and tours given. The follow-up brainstorming session at Casady continues the connective mode bringing the participants closer together and getting active in mind and action about the peace project. As a JASO participant, I look forward to making the Anime Origami Peace Project a success and sharing with Oklahoma community ways and means of generating peace and spreading it beyond."

Mrs. Clay, Casady Service-Learning Director wishes to share an inspirational video as part of her reflection:

Mrs. Clay also reflected in the form of a children's book available at the Volunteer Center or by request at clayc@casady. org. The book is at a first draft stage and will be improved by interested YAC Invitational participants.

From Mrs. Joan Korenblit: "As the executive director of the Respect Diversity Foundation, I’m very interested in working with organizations that promote peace and service learning projects. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carmen Clay and Casady YAC students for many years, through the Respect Diversity Symbol Exhibit, MLK Day, Pinwheels for Peace, Walk the World and other endeavors. I look forward to seeing how YAC students follow through this year on such far reaching projects. I’d like to thank Mr.John Kennedy for providing the funding for the two-day YAC Invitational Retreat."

Saturday, August 7, 2010

YAC Invitational, Called2Change: Saturday, August 7th

9 Participants: 5 adults and 4 teens. Shiva (YAC Freshman Chair), Chase, Nicole (YAC Junior Chair), Caitlin (YAC Senior Chair), Mrs. Joan Korenbilt (Respect Diversity Foundation, Dr. Gigi Hu (JASO's Education Director), Mr. Ken Ho (JASO), Miss Lisa Perry (Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma), and Mrs. Carmen Clay(Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair). Cost: $21 for fruit, flowers, and water purchased at Sam's. Lunch at Ajanta, Indian Food Restaurant: $124 Total cost: $145.

Special thanks to Mr. John Kennedy for providing the funding for this event. Casady Service-Learning will allocate remaining funds to San Francisco, Six Billon Paths to Peace immediate needs and will purchase Peace Education project needs with remaining funding, ie $100 for Peace Manga DVD. The purchase provides rights to be viewed by different audiences and the DVD will have shared ownership with the OKC Memorial Museum and JASO.

Agenda: Set by participants following FEDEX Time guidelines (With a know task, use time and selection of topics to address with autonomy. Be ready to present results.)

10:00-10:15: Arrival and welcome
10:15-12:00 Introductions with personal agendas and Connections: Relationship building to create teams with autonomy of time and task.

Shiva: Freshman YAC Chair. Volunteered as a CIT at Casady last year. He also volunteered at Camp Casady this year. A few hours short of silver presidential award. Participated with his family in Walk the World 2010. Enjoyed the Friday time at the museum, especially the archives part and wants to work on sustainable peace initiatives at Casady School. Connections: Class of 2014, Indian Community of OKC.

Chase: Left Casady to join the ROTC. Interested in West Point after graduation. Current sophomore at Edmond Memorial. Chase fundraised at Edmond Memorial to support children with special needs. Edmond Schools have big yearly fundraisers with school wide participation. He was not a leader of the fundraising efforts. Chase is interested in promoting collaborative service efforts between the two schools. Connections: ROTC at Edmond Memorial, Native American community.

Nicole: YAC Junior Chair, Cheerleader, STUCO Officer, Debate enthusiast. Nicole wants to become a surgeon. Nicole with another YAC Junior Chair, Chandler will provide a youth touch to the Casady Volunteer Center before school starts. Nicole wants to increase the collaborative efforts between YAC, STUCO, and other clubs and sports at Casady. Nicole stated that YAC,,STUCO and Casady in general are undergoing re-organization. Nicole stated that better organization, greater focus, and sustainable collaborations were needed. Nicole also stated that STUCO is going to have an organizational lock-in in August. Nicole suggested to have YAC Chairs meeting before school starts. She stated that in previous years YAC meetings were not effective. We will use FEDEX and 20% management concepts for meetings this year. Connections: STUCO, Cheerleaders, Gales, Debaters, Casady sports.

Caitlin: YAC senior Chair, President of Multicultural Club. Caitlin is West Point Boudn. Caitlin is interested in promoting knowledge of Native American cultures at school and the Oklahoma City community. She wishes to bring speakers for the multicultural club and connect with the culinary club. Caitlin volunteered to take YAC's voice to STUCO and support Nicole's efforts enhancing YAC, clubs, and STUCO collaborations. Connections: Native American Communities: Cherokee and Delaware, Multicultural Club. From the Invitational, Caitlin also has connections to the Respect Diversity Speaker Bureau, the International Women's Club in Ponca City, and the Japan America Society. A further suggestion Mrs. Clay thought after the retreat, Turkey House: Interfaith Dialogs as another connection for MC.

Mrs. Carmen Clay: Make working for peace intrinsically motivating like Nike Just Do It. Mrs. Clay spoke about the Six Billion Paths to Peace initiative which sees service as leadership builder and de-stressor. Mrs. Clay provided a copy of "Be the Peace" and "Six Billion Paths to Peace" cards to participants, courtesy of the Shinnyo-en Foundation. Mrs. Clay's goal is to help students find their path to peace through acts of service that are personally meaningful, relevant, and engaging. Connections: Spanish speaking community and Spanish teachers. Shinnyo-En Foundation: Six Billion Paths to Peace, Pinwheels for Peace, Service-Learning.

Dr. Gigi Hu: Manga and Anime Expert. Japan America Society Education Coordinator. Interested in educating OKC public about manga and anime. Connected to JASO through an ASO meeting. Dr. Hu was motivated to attend the Invitational because she wishes to provide a manga and amime film series at the OKC Library. One of the films in her collection is about building inner and world peace by focusing on making paper cranes for peace. She wishes to have Manga and Anime-Origami peace related projects at Casady in the month of September to help celebrate the International Day of Peace and create an educational outreach for JASO members.

Miss Lisa Perry: Aims to develop sustainable relationships with the Oklahoma City community to end hunger in our city. Interested in helping and being a resource to youth fundraising efforts. Former HH student and an organizing partner for Walk the World 2010 and 2011. Connections: Regional Food Bank Development and Volunteer Offices, Food Bank business partners and restaurants, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Students Against Hunger Youth Board, Walk the World 2010 Resources and partners, Heritage Hall Alumni Association.

Mrs. Joan Korenblit: Interested in supporting youth efforts that further the Respect Diversity Foundation mission. Connections: Speaker Bureau in multiculturalism and interfaith initiatives that focus on what faiths have in common. Offers workshops and an annual contest in the spring. On Sunday, September 19, Pinwheels for Peace will take place at Wiley Post. Mrs. Korenblit takes notes in Haiku and she read a poem she wrote after she attended the Chief of Police presentation yesterday. Mrs. Korenblit invited participants to leave their YAC Invitational reflections in the form of poetry, sentence, word, drawing on a blanket.

Mr. Ken Ho: Spouse of Dr. Gigi Hu Ho. Mr. Ho supports his wife's efforts. He wanted to document the meeting through pictures for his wife's website. He wa excited about the meeting and findout YAC and Casady projects related information and helping the meetings in whatever he could.

12:00 -1:00 Lunch at Ajanta, Indian Cuisine: Chase and Caitlin made a connection to West Point former admision officer and HH graduate, Ted Perry. Mrs. Korenblit made a connection for her speakers bureau through Miss Perry. Nicole explain YAC and STUCO to participants. Mrs. Clay gave the history of YAC from its inception as a Service-Learning Committe and its transformation from Youth Advisory Council to YAAC, Youth and Adult Advisory and Action Council.

1:00-2:30 Invitational FEDEX TIME: Create kindness projects to respectfully remember September 11, celebrate the International Day of Peace, and educate about the Oklahoma City Memorial.

1. Seed of Peace: By Chase, Shiva and Mr. Ho. Purpose: One seed can start branches of hope, kindness and peace. Mission Statement: To achieve a continuous process of hope, kindness, and peace growing much like the branches of a tree. The project has as foundation the movie, Pay it Forward. It starts with viewing and discussions of parts of the movie Pay it Forward and a Manga and Anime Origami film from the Japan America Society Film Festival Series. Then, the project hopes to bring guest speakers to present real life accounts of people taking kind actions and encouraging others to do the same. The goal is to help people understand the branching method of kindness because this method can lead to ultimate peace and harmony in the planet. In September the project will connect to the HOPE TRUNK from the Memorial Museum. One hope trunk per division are scheduled to be at the Casady Campus the first two weeks in September. Shiva is the Hope Trunk Ambassador (HTA) at the Primary Division and Chase is considering being the HTA at Edmond Memorial. The project will end in the spring planting a seedling of the Survival Tree at Casady School.

The project encourages people to find their own kind project, much like the Six Billion Paths to Peace initiate: If there are Seven Billion Paths to Kindness and Peace, What is YOURS? The project hopes to branch to several schools.

2. AOPP Project (Anime/Origami/ Peace Project). By Dr. Hu, Mrs. Clay. Purpose: Focus on the cathartic effects art and service experiences have; personal challenges are put aside, the person de-stresses and focus on the creative process and the needs of others. Collaborate to enhance understanding of peace and diversity through creative service. Mission Statement: Seek harmony, serenity, peace and understanding of diversity connecting service and the arts.

Pending Verification with Casady Calendar, pertinent administrators, and planning collaboration with Shinnyo-en Foundation Six Billion Paths to Peace Casady Team

Proposed Schedule:
Tuesday, August 24: First Day of classes - Activities
Wednesday, August 25: Second Day of classes
Thursday, August 26: Six Billion Paths to Peace "Be the Peace Cards" distributed to anyone who visits the Volunteer Center at Woods
Friday, August 27: Chapels: Hope Trunk Arrival Announcement by OKC Memorial Officer (TBC), Ice Cream 4 Ideas at Volunteer Center at Woods
Saturday, August 28: YAC FEDEX TIME, 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lunch by Ted's, Film: Pay it Forward, Six Billion Paths to Peace T-shirts (TBC) for Six Billion Paths to Peace Oklahoma Team. Possible Webinar with SweatMonkey

Monday, August 30: Chapel: Hope Trunk Interaction (HTI); HT Ambassadors and/or Mrs. Clay: Book Creation
Tuesday August 31: Chapel: HTI, The UCO Play ? YAC: Seed of Peace 20% Time

Wednesday, September 1: HTI, Possible OKC Memorial and/or Respect Diversity Foundation Speakers at chapel or assembly with OKC Memorial Speakers 3-4 (Family, Survivor, First Respondant, Educator)

Thursday, September 2: HTI, Possible OKC Memorial Speaker and/or Respect Diversity Foundation speaker on September 11, Memorial, Peace through kindness and service topic

Friday, September 3: HTI, Possible OKC Memorial Speaker or RDF Speaker

Saturday, September 4: Seed of Peace: Food Bank and Habitat Projects 20% Time-Follow-up of FEDEX TIME9 a.m.-11 Food Bank:

Students Against Hunger, Walk the World: Purpose: fundraising. Mission Statement: Wipe out childhood hunger through school feeding programs. Ideas provided by Miss Lisa Perry, Joan Korenblit, and Mrs. Clay at Invitational for Christine Farha

-Utilize social networks for marketing purposes
-Partner with local businesses like Big Truck Tacos, Target
-Casady families owned or operated businesses and restaurants
-Utilize word of mouth: Clubs, chapel, lunch
-ASK: People like-are waiting- to be asked. They feel included
-Engaging age-appropriate presentations

-OCTOBER: FIGHT CHILDHOOD HUNGER IN OKC, Bicycle Rides United: Pedaling away hunger...Casady Cans Do collections of cans and money...

Lunch at restaurant on the way to Food Bank

2 p.m.-4 p.m at Habitat for Humanity 20% Time: Purpose: Fundraise money needed to build a Habitat House ($20,000-$175,000). Mission Statement: Build a home for an Oklahoma family. Ideas provided by Caitlin and Nicole at Invitational

All divisions: Raffle a football or basketball at Cyclone Silent and Live Auction, decorated chest from MD Art class-Mrs. Dubiskas, Christmas Ornaments from Primary division, Mrs. Czerwinski,UD: YAC Quilow and Quilts. T-shirts sold throughout the school and school year: Blue-Green tie dye or purple

Collection jar
Chapel presentations
Pep Rally-Sport Event
Fashion Show

Partnerships with Casady patrons operated businesses or frequented by Casady students
No Regrets, Saturn Grill, Big Truck Tacos, On a Whim, Library, Earl's, Johnnies, City Bites, Blockbuster, Drugstore

Chapel, Opportunity to attend HS YAC meetings to make posters
Year-round treats at end of day on Fridays: Popsicles: summer, cookies: winter, fruit cups or melon slices: spring

LD and PD
Year-round treats at end of day on Fridays: Popsicles: summer, cookies: winter, fruit cups or melon slices: spring
Fundraisers created by students at divisions

Activities at Volunteer Center and OKC community, possible chapels
Tuesday, September 7: Lessons from Bombing and September 11 (chapel)
Wednesday, September 8: Sadako's Story, another bombing story
Thursday, September 9: Origami and Manga and Anime Peace Stories
Friday, September 10: Manga and Anime Peace Film Festival (Sunday at Casady, Tuesday, April 14 at downtown library)
Saturday, September 11: National Volunteer Day. Kindness through Service

10-12: Habitat for Humanity, Mrs. Clay Supervisor
2-4: Food Bank, Mrs. Clay supervisor

Sunday September 12: What, when and where: Manga Peace film and Origami lesson TEA TIME: Sunday, September 12: Anime-Origami-Peace Tea Time: Student Center and Fee 3:00-5:00 snacks and drinks provided by local Japanese Restaurants. Japan America Society professional paper crane origami demonstrations. Origami paper provided by the Japanese Consulate in Houston.
For Whom: All Casady Divisions and partner organizations of the Japan America Society (Catholic Charities Refugee Program, Rebuilding Together)
Why? International Day of Peace Week starting activity.

Monday, September 13: Pinwheels and Origami Cranes for Peace-Pennies for Peace Fundraiser

Tuesday, September 14: Pinwheels for Peace and Origami Cranes for Peace-Pennies for Peace fundraiser

Wednesday, September 15: Pinwheels for Peace and Origami Cranes for Peace-Pennies for Peace fundraiser

Thursday, September 16: Pinwheels for Peace and Origami Cranes for Peace-Pennies for Peace fundraiser

Friday, September 17: Pinwheels for Peace and Origami Cranes for Peace-Pennies for Peace fundraiser

Saturday, September 18, Service-Saturday to help provide food and shelter
10-12: Food Bank: Pick-up Pinwheels and Origami cranes from Kids' Cafes
2-4: Pick up Pinwheels and Origami cranes from Habitat residents

Sunday, September 19: 2:00 p.m. Pinwheels for Peace display at Wiley Post Park and OKC celebration of International Day of Peace. Performers needed

Monday, September 20: International Day of Peace Video at Chapel, Casady Pinwheels for Peace display on campus

Tuesday, September 21: International Day of Peace Casady YAC Celebration

YAC Invitational: Called2Change: Day at the Memorial Reflection

Participants (19) and Presenters: Reshwan and her grandparents (left at lunch), Caitlin, Chase, and Mrs. Samantha Anderson, Rebecca and Tina, Sasha, Shiva, Nicole, Mrs. Annie Powel, Respect Diversity Foundation Administrative Assistant, Dr. Gigi Hu, JASO Education Coordinator, Mrs. Jerry Clayman, Rose Creek Community Relations, Mr. Kendall White, MD Outreach Coordinator, Mrs. Carmen Clay, Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair, Joan Korenblit, Respect Diversity Foundation CEO (after 1:00 p.m.) Mrs. Lynn Roller, Memorial Education and Research Coordinator, Mrs. Lynn , Hope Trunk Presenter, Amy Petty, Bombing Survivor; Mrs. Hayley Thompson, UCO Theater and Communication teacher; Kelsey Fisher, UCO Student; Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty, Archives tour by (do you remember the name of the person) ....

9:00 Outdoor Symbolic Memorial tour with Kari Watkins, Executive Director

Kari Watkins provided a memorable symbolic tour. I will ask participants to enter personal reflections. For me, the highlight was her passion for her job and her extensive knowledge of details regarding the relationship and process developed as the Memorial was constructed. I will remember her advise, "Be willing to compromise, be willing to see the gifts of compromises."

Other personal highlights of the tour:

At the SURVIVOR TREE,(caught on fire due to car fires), Mrs. Watkins stated that the museum provides 500 seedlings in the spring for planting and American Forest sells them. I requested one of the 500 seedlings for Casady School. The survivor tree is a symbol of the faithful spirit of our city. It made me think about faith in our humanity, not a particular religious orientation. Faith in loving kindness for each other, just like the car lights I vividly remember ON everywhere in OKC. The lights were to me the solidarity with the pain and the hope for us to be better in the future and not allow anything like this to ever happen again. Faith in living in harmony and working out what we allow to become our differences. I do not even remember how LIGHTS ON started, maybe that is something I should investigate. The thought of headlights ON brought to mind words I heard from a family member of a person who perished, "I felt a gentle, calming breeze, then I got a call, my mother said that my father was missing. In my desperate search what I remember most is a warm cup of coffee and a gentle embrace.

At the CHAIRS, Mrs. Watkins stated that they are representations of "someone missing" at a table, the emptiness of a season ticket, not a tomb stone. Mrs. Watkins invited us to get a close look at the chairs. My heart focused on Carrie and baby because there was a b-day balloon and flowers. I felt the pain of the relative(s) and the serenity of the souls. It was a senseless lost of lives. People in their daily routine disappeared because of someone's anger for what he believed to be injustice. The result of his anger, he hoped to be chaos; instead, the Memorial stands for HOPE.

Solutions through violence dehumanizes. Later on at the museum I read "The forces of hate and violence must not be allowed to gain their victory, not just in our society, but in our hearts. Nor must we respond hate with more hate."

Words such as immigration reform, oil, power base, fear, special interests wondered through my mind. We quickly forget the lessons of history. It is in these times when we have to focus on the resilience hope has to CALLED2CHANGE, choosing the right to do the right thing to do through respect, resilience, and responsibility. At the archives, I found myself telling the group that my goal, which I might not live to see the result, is to make PEACE as popular as NIKE JUST DO.

"...And right action is freedom

From past and future also.

For most of us this is the aim

Never here to be realized;

Who are only undefeated

Because we have gone on trying..."

-T.S. Eliot, The Dry Salvages

You are not obligated to finish the task; neither are you free to neglected.

-Pirkei Avot (Teaching of the Sages), Chapter 2,21

Regarding the FENCE, Mrs. Watkins stated that it was not part of the original design and people had a long compromise process. Every aspect of the Memorial speaks to me about Change starting with the image of the person standing at the Reflective Pool. The fence, as ugly as a cluttered room might be, also tells about our constant quest to interact with the past to make our present and future better; the spirit of our volunteerism for a world at peace with harmony and balance. Work for PEACE much like a quote I read at the museum, "People came, gave and left without anyone knowing their names, and that was the beauty of the whole effort." I really think PEACE can come to our hearts as silent as angel's wings, if we work at prioritizing it in our lives, which brings to mind another quote found during the tour of the museum, "I was struck by those who just picked up and came on their own to lend a hand. Some had useful skills, others just a willing heart."

9:40 Museum Tour Every time I go to the Museum I focus on something different. I wonder what the participants will share. Today, quotes about volunteerism were my highlight. I am proud my heart is 1/2 Peruvian, 1/2 Oklahoman when I am at the Museum.

"Oklahoma has earned its place in American Folklore as cowboy-tough and proudly self-reliant. Oklahomans may feel more vulnerable now, a little disconnected by what has happen to them, but in their response to this madness, they have showed us all with their essential sense of goodness, community, and compassion. Tom Brokaw, NBC News."

I remember making sandwiches and feeling frustrated because everyone told me I would be on the way if I went to the site. I wish I had listened to my heart instead. Everyone could help, no effort was too small and a helping hand finds a way be make a difference. "Rescue workers return from their shifts to find their clothes from the day before laundered and neatly folded. Their cots are turned down and a mint rests on their pillow, accompanied by a note of thanks."

11:00 Hope Trunk Information and Book Project Example: Because the group and I lost track of time touring the Museum, this part was short and we did not have time to discuss the book making project. The Hope Trunk aims to help students understand the impact of violence, the meaning of community, and the importance of making good choices. Violence is senseless. Personal responsibility is making the right choices: People who knew about the bombing could have prevented the lost of lives if they had revealed what they knew. The Hope Trunk has artifacts, videos, lesson plans, fence objects and more. Casady School will have 4 trunks the first two weeks in September as part of our initiative of KINDNESS OVER VIOLENCE. YAC members from every grade present at the Invitational were asked to consider becoming HOPE Trunk Ambassadors: (HTA's)

Shiva: Primary Division. Will contact PD Principal. Mrs. Czerwinski, Pinwheels for Peace and Miss Russ, Pennies for Peace project sponsor could be helpful resources and contacts.

Tina and Nicole: Lower Division. Need to contact Mrs. France. The Pinwheels for Peace teachers are the 4th grade team. Mr. Bush is also a service-learning teacher. The first grade team works of peace education.

Sasha: Middle Division. Mr White is a great contact there. Mrs. Crossno, Mrs. Sarah Zeidlitz, Pennies for Peace sponsor, and Mrs. Dubiskas could also be of great help.

Caitlin, Rebecca, Reshwan: Upper Division. Father Blizzard, Mr. Varela, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Warden, Mr. Pena, and Mrs. Clay are faculty resources

11:30 First Person program with Amy Petty As amazing and personal as usual. Rebecca will like to invite her to speak at chapel. This time I was taken by the part of her speech were she starts bargaining with God as she realized the things she regretted not having experienced and her relationships with family, friends, and God. Amy, once again recalled the car lights outside her hospital window letting her know that she was not alone facing her second chance of life. Her enthusiasm for life and trying things even if she fails as she attempts, made me think about the one question I wanted to ask participants if we had had the time, What "really" matters to you?

Later on I shared with my friend Jerry follow-up questions

1. What is the task that you have been trying to contemplate in the world? Why? Another way to place the same question for younger audiences, suggested by my friend Jerry was, What will be the one wish you have for our world?

2. How would the world be different if you succeeded? What motivates you to keep on trying when it would be easier to give up? OR, as suggested by Jerry, If you were to be granted the wish and the only way the wish will come true is your involvement, what will you be willing to do? What will be your first steps?

12:15 Lunch by Panera with Hayley Thompson, and Kelsey Fisher. We saw Mason on video. This was a power presentation with a video I wish to take to the Shinnyoen Foundation next week. My reflection on Hayley's work in my second opportunity to hear her speak is that she is amazing! beautiful, young, and with the gift to empower others to find their way to make a difference. I hope we will work closely together in the future. Her journaling through the senses was a highlight among so many highlights. One has to have been there to have a full impact of her presentation. My words will not do her student's work justice.

1:30 First Person program with Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty We joined a public presentation and I left to take a student to volleyball practice. I could not help but feel how impersonal the environment became. I was told it was informative, but not inspiring and perhaps too long.

2:30-4:00 Archives Tour and project brainstorming with Archives research time. I arrived when the tour was in progress. We did not have research time because the archives had to close earlier. The highlight for me was the Origami cranes which gave Dr. Hu the opportunity to tell participants about the story of Sadako. I wish I had remember to request Brandon Spivey's Reflective Resilience Collage to be viewed by participants. I also requested consideration of a traveling exhibit for September 11 of work done collaboratively by OKC and NYC.

Then we spent time at the Memorial store spending our $25 gift certificates to remember our time touching history.

Casady Service Learning wishes to thank Mrs. Lynn Roller, Memorial Museum Director of Education and Research for facilitating the Friday activities and admission to the museum. Special thanks to Mr. John Kennedy for providing the funding for the two-day retreat and a $25 stipend for each participant to spend at the Oklahoma City Memorial store at the end of the day Friday. Our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Hayley Thompson, Ms. Kelsey Fisher, UCO student for sharing their project experience with the Oklahoma Memorial Museum.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

YAC Invitational: Called2Change: Letter to Participants

Dear YAC Invitational, Called2Change Participant,

Thank you for choosing the opportunity to learn about the Oklahoma City Memorial, the Museum and for your willingness to spend time brainstorming the creation of intergenerational kindness projects to celebrate the International Day of Peace, September 21 and to remember with HOPE for PEACE, September 11, 2001.

Friday, August 6, we will meet at the Oklahoma City National Memorial located at 620 N. Harvey Ave. Please check the Memorial Museum website for directions and parking instructions. Parking is about $5.00 for the day at nearby parking lots.

Our Invitational begins on Friday with a Memorial tour by Mrs. Kari Watkins, Museum's Executive Director. The group will meet Mrs. Watkins at the front entrance of the museum. The Friday activities at the Museum end at 4:00 p.m.

Friday, August 6 : YAC Invitational Schedule at Memorial Museum
9:00 Outdoor Symbolic Memorial tour with Kari Watkins, Executive Director
9:40 Museum Tour
11:00 Hope Trunk Information and Book Project Example
11:30 First Person program with Amy Petty
12:15 Lunch by Panera with Hayley Thompson, Kelsey Fisher, and Mason UCO Student
1:30 First Person program with Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty
2:30-4:00 Archives Tour and project brainstorming with Archives research time

Friday's Guests: Mrs. Hayley Thompson, Ms. Kelsey Fisher and Mason, UCO student, Mrs. Linn Roller, and Mrs. Kari Watkins.

Casady Service Learning wishes to thank Mrs. Lynn Roller, Memorial Museum Director of Education and Research for facilitating the Friday activities and admission to the museum. Special thanks to Mr. John Kennedy for providing the funding for the two-day retreat and a $25 stipend for each participant to spend at the Oklahoma City Memorial store at the end of the day Friday. Our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Hayley Thompson, Ms. Kelsey Fisher and her UCO students for sharing their project experience with the Oklahoma Memorial Museum.

On Saturday, the meeting venue changes to Casady School, located at 9500 North Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120. The group will meet at Casady's Volunteer Center located at Woods Building. See Campus Map at Park in front of the Gaylord Student Center. There will be signs ushering participants to the Woods Building.

Saturday, August 7 Invitational Schedule, Casady School, Volunteer Center, Woods Building
10:00-12:00 Project planning time
12:00 -1:00 Lunch location TBD by participants
1:00-2:00 Project presentations
2:00-2:30 Respect Diversity Foundation Closing Art Experience

Special thanks to our Saturday's guests for sharing their time and project experiences. Joan Korenblit, Respect Diversity Foundation Executive Director and Pinwheels for Peace Project Partner; Mrs. Zena from Mercy School and member of Respect Diversity; Lisa Perry, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Development Officer and Walk the World 2011 Partner, and Dr. Gigi Hu, Japan America Society Education Coordinator, An Origami Hope Project

Please do not hesitate to contact me if needed. See you Friday at the entrance of the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum,

Carmen Clay
Casady Service-Learning Director;
Cell: 405-520-1325 Office: 405-749-3103

Confirmed attendance:

1. Carmen Clay, Casady YAC Sponsor, Chase Anderson, youth
2. Annie Powel, Respect Diversity Foundation Administrative Assistant; Caitlin '11, YAC Senior Chair
3. Gigi Hu, JASO, Education Coordinator; Rebecca'11, YAC Senior Chair
4. Jerry Clayman (Friday only), Rose Creek Community Relations; Sasha'12 YAC Junior Chair-Six Billion Paths to Peace.
5. Samantha Anderson, Casady Parent; Shiva'14, YAC Freshman Chair
6.Kendall White(Friday Only), Casady MD Service Coordinator; Reshawn'11, YAC Member
7. Mrs. Lynn Roller, OKC Memorial Museum Education and Research Director; Nicole'12 YAC Junior Chair
8. Tina Roach'13 Casady Student (Will leave at 2:30 for volleyball)
9. Joan Korenblit, CEO Respect Diversity Foundation (after 1:00 p.m.) Possible guest for lunch: Emma Thadani (YAC senior chair, Class 2005),

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