Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Actualizing 6bptp presentation and Update from OCU


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Our small on-campus group met on Monday afternoon. To give you a very quick update: we are checking availability of the Great Hall in the McDaniel Center on Sunday afternoon, September 18, for a "family-day/pinwheel/origami crane-making event from 2 to 5 p,m, and availability on Wednesday, September 21, from 5 to 7 or 8 p.m. For the pinwheels for peace "Peace Fair-type" event that could be help outside in the Quad if weather permits.

Jennifer Long, one of the leaders of our group, has asked that we hold off on another meeting with the full group until mid-April after our presidential inauguration, which includes a week of events on campus, and our annual "Love, Not Hate" event, which Jennifer organizes.

Our group now includes an adjunct faculty member in justice studies who worked last year at OCCC last year when that school participated in the pinwheels for peace events that occurred at UCO.

So, just wanted to let you know that we are moving forward and have identified student groups that we will ask to help with this project. We really hope that the students will take the lead as much as possible as our understanding is that this should be a student & art teacher led event to honor its origins, right? I think that is how you started our first meeting on this.

I will ask Diana to set a next meeting on our campus for mid-April and will send you a list of our organizers. I'll also draft the letter of support as soon as I hear about the availability of our facilities.

Hope this all helps.

Oh, and I love the sketch!

Mary B.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pinwheels for peace founding team meeting: Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 5:00-6:00

Attendance: Mikel Ibarra (CAST for the World) Carmen Clay (Casady School, Service-Learning), Bill Bryant (United Nations of Greater Oklahoma), Joan Korenblit (Respect Diversity Foundation-on phone), Steve

Not Attending but participing:  Gigi Hu (JASO-Films with discussion and tea time food-applying for grant-, possible performers). Sue Tarr: Thrilled with what I read about the direction Pinwheels is taking. I think it will appeal to many people—and we originally had it on a week day, and had our best attendance. OCU is centrally located and having indoor and outdoor activities is great---last year’s program was so HOT-weather wise. Annye Love: I am interested in participating in this event, however I have other obligations on Weds @ 5 pm and cannot attend planning meetings on those days. Let me know how else I may help, 501-1299, Lashimi, Dee Freeland 


1. Converging with the founders of the Pinwheels for Peace at Casady School
Focus meeting on how to make it go right
Either indoor or outdoors, but not both
Right kind of location:  Indoor preferred
Help from OCU will make it best
Report from OCU by Bill ...waiting for us to define what we want to to
Students involved in the planning
Mark Davis...Oikos Program will be great asset
Speakers, departments, university will help???
Big Idea....gigantic ....everybody is a part of it....wonderful idea, but something easy...leaf of a pinwheel

2. Connecting to OCU:  OCU welcomes the Pinwheels for Peace on their campus.  Mary Benner was instrumental in opening doors, but will be unable to be part of the organizing team: "After next week's meeting, I will let you know who the "leaders" for OCU will be and other than being an interested attendee/participant in the activities next September, I won't be an organizing partner."

3. Developing collaborations for the International Day of Peace Festival
a. Every organization could run an aspect of before and after festival...Name of Festival does not need to be Pinwheels for Peace...Maybe "International Day of Peace Festival is more inclusive..."  We hope OCU students would take ownership of this aspect of the festival.  We just want one of the components to be the Pinwheels ushering everyone to the main event which we hope it will be inside in a location that might be circular for active participation
b. Joan hoped for speakers to be from OCU instead of RDF this year.  Carmen said that speaker series could be connected to the film series.  Mikel and Steve wanted more interaction with multicultural performances and very short inspirational, interactive speakers.  Mikel has the list of performers.  She will contact them.
c. Steve will create the inclusive finale which will place our heart, mind and actions in harmony with peace at the heart of the festival.  We are very excited about this.  He also suggested the creation of a giant pinwheel, parts maybe coming from all the venues participating.  It might be as simple as feather brought by the participants for that purpose.
d. Carmen and Mikel wanted to keep the connections to pinwheels made at schools and churches.  Interested youth facilitators will bring the pinwheels and hopefully their students.   We hope, if funding is found that  food, prizes and entertainment, as well as more intentional advertisement will bring some extra people next year.
e. Mikel wants to continue the giant pinwheel contest........
f. Steve wants to record the whole thing, even if not many people come, we at least have a video we can place on Youtube for following years.  Maybe the video production OCU students would be interested in helping Steve.

4. Creating a proposal of the "process" of the International Day of Peace Festival.  Mikel is creating a visual of what we see happening on September 21, but are opened to other ideas being connected to our vision.  What happens before and after the festival, we want to be connected, but look for OCU's leadership to guide the organization and location of venues.

5. Creating a letter to take to Shinnyo-en Foundation on April 5th.  Everyone who attended the meeting with draft a part of letter relating their area of interest.  Carmen will put the letter together and take it to Shinnyo-en.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Converging & Connecting Pinwheels for Peace Meeting, Monday, March 7, 11-12 p.m.

Thank you for everything Mary. Another person from OCU who wants to join our team is my friend, Teresa Rendon.

Meeting Minutes (Gigi and Bill, please tell me if I missed something)

Participants: Mary Brenner, Rick Hall, Gigi Hu, Carmen Clay, Bill Bryant, Jennifer Long, Mark Davis. Next meeting: Week of March 21 or 28, 12:30-1:05 WILL EMPOWER CASADY STUDENTS TO ATTEND.

a.Pinwheels for Peace Festival: Visual Celebration of the International Day of Peace. Bill explained that the event is dynamic and has evolved over time. Various sponsors have different motives for participating. He also brought a message from Mikel Ibarra, entrusted facilitator of the festival: Please keep K-12 art focus and participation relevant.

b. Carmen explained Casady's experience with Pinwheels for Peace. From art service-foreign language curriculum enhancement collaborative project to advocacy project for Peace One day connected to Jeremy Gilley Peace ONE Day initiative. Carmen explained that Pinwheels for Peace organizers are looking for a permanent location for a festival that makes the arts vehicles to k-16 peace education and social justice advocacy.

c. Gigi explained the connection with Japan America Society, anime films and paper cranes for peace, as an example of format for Peace film series. OCU sponsors similar film series.

Conclusion: There seems to be fertile ground for Pinwheels-4-Peace Festival @ OCU.

Possible Schedule connecting to existing OCU activities

September 11: Begins peace film festival (with food provided by OCU Sodexo) and pinwheels and peace paper crane making at various venues, ie OCU, Casady. 10th Anniversary of September 11th. Social Justice: Jennifer Long mentioned inclusion of collaboration with existing service projects. September 11th falls on a Sunday next year. Casady School will request an Interfaith, intergenerational afternoon of service at the Food Bank.

September 18-24: OIKOS Conference connections, collaborations with student organizations and curricular areas (Dan May, Jennifer Long, Robyn Myers, John Starkey are possible faculty collaborators: Sustainability, Social Justice, possible workshops and speakers. Other "probables" mentioned at the meeting were: Jody Horn-Justice Studies; Michelle Howard). Jennifer Long mentioned highlighting OCU's existing service projects.

September 21: Family affair-Interfaith Celebration of commonalities: service and peace: Pinwheels-4-Peace Celebration of International Day of Peace. September 21th fall on a Wednesday-Church Day! K-12 schools encourage to have their own campus celebrations during the regular school day. Teachers, youth groups "could" bring their pinwheels late afternoon.

OCU students "could" plant pinwheels made from September 11-21 around the quad or where weather will permit it; or they would suggest as best location. OCU students will add to the pull of the multicultural tapestry of entertainers that Mikel and Joan bring. OCU speaker bureau and Respect Diversity Foundation Speakers will provide motivational brief speeches in between performances. Mikel will continue her promotion of giant pinwheel contest. Prizes will be provided by collaborating organizations. Funding will be requested via grant writing from the Shinnyo-en Foundation. Carmen will deliver letter of funding request April 6, 2011 to CEO, Haru Inouye. Jennifer Long mentioned having service project booths. Peace organizations will also want booths. Carmen requested consideration of all booths bringing pinwheels as part of their participation requirement.

Suggested September 21 schedule by Dr. Davis. Sodexo, Kelly Keagan, chef

5:30-6:15: International Finger Food @ convenient location with array of international "healthy drinks."

6:15-8:00: Festival-Celebration Program, location and process to be brainstormed at next meeting

Who? TBD Dr. Hall suggested getting student groups involved early...ASAP. Carmen and GiGi advocated for OCU student leadership to be part of the organizing team of this festival and be invited to next meeting.

Where? TBA by OCU

Why? Various sponsors have different motives for participating. Gigi, Bill and Carmen will make brochure requested by Dr. Hall: Inclusive with flexibility of participation

What and How? Ideas for consideration

-Film festival at diverse locations September 11-25 facilitated by intergenerational facilitators. Films mentioned: On a Paper Crane, Tomoko's Adventure; Barefot Gen, Peace Tree, Youth for Human Rights Films. OCU did not bring other films for consideration.

-Festival on September 21 with food, t-shirts (maybe from Shinnyo-en), dance, music, pinwheels of different sizes...some "green pinwheels" Giant Pinwheel context, booths and tables

-Connections to OCU existing curricular areas, student leadership, OIKOS Conference

To Do List:

1. Mary requested placing activities for consideration of the OCU calendar manager ASAP.

2. Dr. Hall requested a flyer to be presented to OCU students. Ownership from student organizations a must for pinwheels to be part of the culture of the school. The WHY is still too broad. Gigi, Bill, Mikel, Joan and Carmen will have a preliminary flyer for Dr. Hall's consideration before next meeting. SAVE THE DATE type flyer!

3. Gigi and Carmen requested consideration to invite OCU student leadership to the next meeting.

4. Carmen will try to bring Casady YAC members to next meeting.12:30-1:05 is possible for students not to miss class, week of March 21, or 28

5. Dr. Davis explained that there are courses with PEACE, sustainability, social justice, and service-learning. The likelyhood of faculty embracing this project is good. He will contact Robin Myers, Dan May, and John Starkey for that purpose.

6. Dr. Davis also offered to e-mail contact information of the Sodexo chef, (Kelly Keagan?) for Carmen to brainstorm food possibilities.

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