Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update from Jeremy

Global Truce 2012 has been a fantastic success and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of it.

The results of our collective efforts have not only set a marker of where we are today, but have also helped us identify what we need to do to reach the ultimate goal of institutionalising Peace Day. We are grateful to McKinsey & Company for helping us with the analysis of these results.

The Peace One Day 2012 Report has found that all our activities combined reached an estimated 280 million people globally – 4% of the world’s population! This benchmark year has created a solid foundation that will support us in informing 3 billion people about Peace Day by 2016. We are excited to be able to share a summary of the 2012 Report with you. Please click on the following link to view it: . I hope you find this summary interesting. We will be working to build on these results, making Peace Day 2013 an even greater success.

The theme for 2013 is “Who Will You Make Peace With?” and we look forward to getting in touch with you in the New Year to share more information about the campaign.

2012 was also an incredible year for Peace One Day’s Music Celebrations. I thought you’d like to know that we have released a Global Truce 2012 iTunes album with some beautiful music. Please click on the following link to view the album, available online:

Making Peace Day known globally will be everyone’s legacy. By working together, we can create peace one day. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to working with you in 2013. In peace Jeremy Jeremy Gilley Founder of Peace One Day MUSIC AND PEACE ONE DAU

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

International Education Week, Nov 12-16

   Today, November 12th, marks the start of International Education Week 2012 (12th to 16th November). Launched over a decade ago, this annual initiative is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the role of education in furthering peace and intercultural cooperation. I would like to encourage you to join Peace One Day in marking this week. Check out Peace One Day’s Education Resources for ideas and a great lesson plan on inter-cultural cooperation.

I will be marking the week by Skyping with a classroom in Spain and speaking at the opening event of the student-centred Global Issues Network Summit in Switzerland. I will also be keynoting the 2012 Global Education Conference at 16:00 GMT on Wednesday 14 November. This is a free, five day, online conference involving students, educators, and organisations at all levels. From wherever you are in the world, you can choose your time zone and watch any part of the conference here.

I would also like to remind you about Skype for Peace, an innovative crowd-funding platform that supports Peace One Day’s aim to make the Global Education Resource freely available to every classroom worldwide; individuals’ contributions will go directly towards realising this goal.

The final day for donations is November 27th – Giving Tuesday. Any donation is greatly appreciated and for more information please check out this short film. Visit to donate.

Many thanks for all your wonderful support.

Warm regards,

In peace,
Jeremy Gilley

Remember that every session was recorded, and is archived on our web site along with sessions from our 2010 and 2011 conferences. Please make sure to re-visit this treasure trove of material. Below are direct links to our keynotes and to innovation strand presentations. We would love to read some reflections on the event and encourage you to respond to this thread in our discussion forum. You can also leave feedback for conference presenters by leaving comments on their original proposals.

We are deeply indebted to the many keynotes, presenters, and volunteers who took time to bring the 2012 Global Education Conference to life. We appreciate the time, expertise and incredible enthusiasm for all things global that you exhibited during International Education Week.

Steve and I also want to send a shoutout to our partners and sponsors. Without their support, our work would not be possible. We hope that GEC members will reciprocate by learning more about work conducted by iEARN,, BrainPOP, the American Federation of Teachers, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Education, and the International Baccalaureate. We are also grateful to EdSurge for organizing and publicizing our new Innovation Perspectives sponsored by Cisco.

For those who will be attending the 2013 International Society for Technology in Education Conference in June, we will be holding another face-to-face summit on Sunday, June 23rd in San Antonio, Texas, USA. . Stay tuned for further announcements on this. If you’d like to participate in the planning process for this event, please visit our community and join this group.

Additionally, if you want to get involved with next year’s conference, please join any of our 2013 community groups: 2013 Partners, 2013 Presenters, and 2013 International Advisory Board. Don’t forget that we also have continuing conversations, including requests for project partners, in our community discussion forum on our main web site. We also are experimenting with a new Google+ commmunity and we’d love to see you in that space as well.

Again, many thanks to you all. See you online soon!

Lucy Gray, Conference Co-Chair
Steve Hargadon, Conference Co-Chair’s Innovation Perspectives

Keynote Recordings

Tony Wagner
Seymour Simon / Liz Nealon
Dana Mortenson
Ilona Dougherty
Karen Cator
Bobbi Kurshan
Hela Nafti
Hussa and Hassa Blake
Andrew Revkin
Jenny Buccos
Chua Chor Huat
Bronwyn Stuckey & Sasha Barab
Doris Wu
Narcis Vives
Jeremy Gilley
Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Beth Kanter
Randy Weingarten
Mary Clisbee
William Kist
Dan Russell
Michael Trucano
Larry Johnson
Dale Dougherty
Gavin Dykes
Ed Gragert
Visit The Global Education Conference Network at:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shinnyo-en features Oklahoma 9/21 efforts at website

The Shinnyo-en Foundation has supported the Casady Service-Learning Program and YAC efforts advocating caring communities through kindness and service since 2006.

We have received a summer training, Six Billion Paths to Peace and Be the Peace reflective cards, inspirational visitors on International Day of Peace (9/21/2010 and 2011), and thousands of Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts, distributed at Casady and at the annual celebration of the International Day of Peace at Oklahoma City University.

This year the foundation has honored our 9/21/2012 efforts by featuring our Oklahoma City International Day of Peace 2012 story in an article that connects our efforts to Blake School's and the International Day of Peace events promoted in California by Youth Community Service at Palo Alto High School and Gunn High School. See article @

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

9/21 2012 Collaborative Reflection

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International Day of Peace 2012 in OKC


On September 21, 2012, International Day of Peace, students throughout Oklahoma City participated in a variety of activities that culminated at the annual Oklahoma City University Multicultural Festival and a 1,000 Pinwheels for Peace Garden sponsored by a diverse group of Oklahoma artists, educators, the Respect Diversity Foundation, and the Friends of the United Nations of Greater Oklahoma.


Students from Dove Academy at Oklahoma City University learned from activities facilitated by festival chairs, Mikel Ibarra, Joan Korenblit, and Japan America Society education coordinator Dr. Gigi Hu. After viewing and reflecting a short trailer on “Peace One Day” and “On a Paper Crane, Tomoko's Adventure,” students made origami cranes for peace and wrote Haiku poetry. Before planting pinwheels made at their school, they walked through a peace labyrinth, learning about the importance of quiet meditation from labyrinths in Oklahoma writer Gail Peck.

By 5pm on 9/21/2012, a dozen co-sponsoring organizations and a large drumming circle welcomed hundreds of participants to the Multicultural Festival. Participants in Shinnyo-en Foundation’s Six Billion Paths to Peace T-shirts enjoyed artists from a variety of ethnic traditions. The grand finale was a dance of peace with audience participation. Said author Michael Allen, “This festival and the many activities during the eleven days of unity, 9/11-9/21, happened because people of diverse cultures worked together and decided that we CAN make this a more peaceful world.”

 From creating pinwheels for peace encouraging a global truce on violence, to participating in service-learning projects, thousands of Oklahoma students were immersed in dialog and action of a shared sustainable culture of peace, economic justice, and environmental stewardship from 9/11-9/21!

  Oklahoma Centennial High School observed the shift from “I” to “WE” with curricular connections. “It was challenging and rewarding to collaborate with core teachers and administrators. My students created peace key chains, because they are the key to change, a "new green" cleaning product, and are currently finalizing their service-learning project reflection on how to make a real difference and impact the world in which they live” said Career and Technology instructor, Carrie Renfro.

Kindergarteners at Mercy School enjoyed a diversity story-teller and discussed what they learned. “We’re all different, just like the crayons in the story, and we’re all important!” exclaimed five year old Mohamed.

At Piedmont Middle School and Western Oaks Elementary School, students learned about the impact of choosing a path of kindness over bullying. Piedmont Art teacher Frances Williams explained, “From their discussion, it was obvious that this unit had a great impact on our students!” “This conversation is making an important difference; it will continue,” stated Western Oaks art teacher Staci Craven.

From K-12th grade, Casady students pledged their commitment to SEE PEACE in acts of kindness, service, and non-violence.Older students also viewed the video by Jeremy Gilley, PEACE ONE DAY before pinwheel making. Carmen Clay, Service-Learning Director, stated, “Students realized that this day is working because it is saving lives and creating a desire for intentionally kinder communities and a self-patrolling non-violent way of life."  Anne JOsette Hill, Casady freshman, commented, “I personally befriended a former rival over a pile of half finished pinwheels.”  Primary Division Director, Mrs. Jane Sharp stated, " Dr. Montessori said, ""Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education." Every day our teachers are involved with this important work of peace by showing grace and courtesy to each other and to the children so that they may then show peace to others. We will be celebrating this important date every year with our youngest students here at Casady."

Monday, October 15, 2012

A message from Jeremy

Dear Friend,

I hope this finds you well. I wanted to update you on the successes of Peace Day 2012 as well as introducing you to two exciting new initiatives as part of Peace One Day’s education programme.

2012 was an incredible success; the coalitions as part of the Global Truce campaign united NGOs, students, schools and organisations that work towards tackling domestic violence, as never before.

The Schools’ Network alone represented nearly 800 schools and thousands of students in over 90 countries and we are aware of many more who were active on the day.

Our focus now is to measure the impact of Global Truce 2012. We would like to report on our combined efforts so that we can all own these results and build on them year on year. To this end it would be wonderful if you could complete the post-Peace Day Feedback form.

Thank you so much if you already have. I would now like to invite your students to take part in an amazing new initiative to build peace in their community. The Microsoft Spark Peace Movement enables young people (between the ages of 13-25) to develop projects that seek to create meaningful change in their immediate environment. Whatever your students are passionate about; it can be anything – Sport, music, art or any activity your students believe has the capacity to spark peace in their community.

Peace One Day will select the most engaging and innovative projects and give each the opportunity to raise funding for the projects on, with an upper limit of USD$10,000 per project. It could not be simpler to join. Visit the Peace One Day Facebook page and click on the SPARK PEACE app to submit project ideas and for more information. The deadline for entries is the 21st October 2012. We have created a Spark Peace poster to help you spread word of this initiative to your students.

The second exciting development I wanted to update you on concerns our Global Education Resource. For teachers and parents, Peace One Day has partnered with Skype to create an innovative crowd-funding platform, Skype for Peace. Contributions to this platform will help to realise our goal of seeing Peace One Day’s Global Education Resource in every classroom around the world. Please share this with other teachers and parents as appropriate; donations can be as small as USD$10 and every contribution helps. To help you promote the Skype for Peace campaign we have created a poster that you can print out to share with your community. Many thanks for all of your support, Warm regards, In peace Jeremy

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

International Day of Peace 2012 Reflection

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On September 21, 2012, the 31st birthday of the United Nation’s International Day of Peace, hundreds of students throughout Oklahoma City participated in a variety of activities confirming that there are many paths to peace.

Oklahoma City youth and adults planted approximately 1,000 Pinwheels for Peace at the Oklahoma City University (OCU) Pinwheel Garden, the unifying symbol of our commitment to a self-patrolling non-violent way of life. All day long, random people of all cultures stopped to make their own pinwheels and planted them in the Giant Pinwheel Garden. Little children played happily around the pinwheels as they blew gently on the blades of the pinwheels, coaxing them to spin with their hope of PEACE ONE DAY.

The first group to arrive to OCU were students from DOVE Science Academy. They learned about Peace One Day, an initiative that in 2012 called for a global truce on violence. Then, they viewed On a Paper Crane, Tomoko's Adventure sponsored by the Japanese American Society of Oklahoma, made origami cranes for peace, and wrote imagined peace Haikus. After walking through a peace labyrinth, learning about the importance of quiet meditation, students planted their school-made pinwheels. The SIA Comanche Nation Ornithological Society shared a spectacular Eagle and White Hawk as the drum circle began to welcome hundreds of participants to the OCU International Day of Peace multicultural festival. The magnificent birds had attended a special assembly at Dove Science Academy and were the opening act of the OCU Festival reminding audiences that all sentient beings have a right to exist peacefully, and that all creatures are connected.

Throughout the International Day of Peace, on the campuses of OCU and Casady Schools, hundreds of youth and adults could be seen wearing a t-shirt with a colorful message,"6 Billion Paths to Peace" generously donated by the Shinnyo-en Foundation. The t-shirts are a lovely reminder to “think and act peace.”

A few examples of connections to the billions of paths to peace through kindness and service along with pinwheel making during the 11 Days of Global Unity (9/11-9/21) in Oklahoma city were:

1. Centennial High School observed the shift from I to WE with curricular connections to the 11 Days of Unity (9/11-9/21), pinwheel making, and a school wide initiative for a CALLED2CHANGE and service.

2. At Saint Anthony Hospital’s Human Restoration Unit, students considered the impact of having at least one day of peace throughout the world while making the highly admired giant stained glass pinwheels featured at OCU.

3. At Mercy School kindergarteners enjoyed a diversity storyteller, discussed how everyone is unique and everyone is important. They participated in an art integration project and made pinwheels. The Mercy School Vice-Principal attended a pinwheel making opportunity as part of a Youth LEAD OKC meeting.  Then, she empowered her school to participate in 9/21 for the first year.  Mrs. Buthaina Jwayyed stated that her school will have greater participation next year.

4. The Respect Diversity Foundation invited students to the Downtown Library to enjoy a story-telling event with a diversity author who shared her books, emphasizing the fact that everyone deserves to be respected and that everyone has a story. Participants then created colorful pinwheels.

5. At Piedmont Middle School, art teacher Frances Williams, shared with students the value of a Global Truce and the impact of choosing a path of nonviolence.

6. Western Oaks Elementary School, art teacher Staci Craven, has a 99% poverty rate and a 79% transition rate amongst their students. They discussed the importance of honoring each other and how peace can make the world a better place with emphasis on bullying.

7. At Casady Schools, Upper and Middle Division students viewed PEACE ONE DAY realizing that celebrating this day is working because it is a call to change, a call to create a culture of peace through kindness and service.  It is a day that is saving lives around the world.

From K-12th grade, students pledged their commitment to SEE PEACE in acts of kindness, service, and non-violence.
The Primary Division Director, Mrs. Jane Sharp stated, " We have 109 happy children who celebrated this past September 21st. The children made pinwheels and wrote on them what gave them peace. We all went together to the chapel where Father Blizzard blessed our pinwheels. We sang songs together and then we enjoyed the moment when our pinwheels spinned with the breeze. The joy of looking at these 3-6 year old children celebrate this day was profound. We are a Montessori based program at Casady School. Dr. Montessori emphasized the word peace in her teaching. Montessori said, ""Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education." Every day our teachers are involved with this important work of peace by showing grace and courtesy to each other and to the children so that they may then show peace to others.  We will be celebrating this important date every year with our youngest students here at Casady." 

In the Lower Division art classes, the Silence Foundation started an art integration project addressing complement mentoring as a bullying prevention activity.

The Middle Division English and History classes began a year-long project with a visit to the Oklahoma National Memorial Museum where 7th and 8th graders paused to reflect in the calming waters of the reflecting pool and left their hand prints and thoughts of peace one day in the memorial's walls of fear and hope.

 The high school YAC (You-nite A Community) promoted weekend interfaith family service opportunities throughout the month of September and the MD International Club unveiled a peace symbol a day at their chapel service during the 11 Days of Unity. Anne JOsette Hill, a Casady YAC freshman Chair and volunteer at the OCU Festival from stated, "This is a day the world unites. The thinnng threads of humanity holding us together strenghten. Bonds are formed between countries and individuals alike. This year, for Peace Day 2012, my school made hundreds of pinwheels. We decorated our campus with them and shared ideas of peace with each other. I personally befriended a former rival over a pile of half finished pinwheels, and even if it is only for one day, that day is worth any sacrifice. But it is fragile, like a butterfly's wing, violence will tear it apart. Also like a butterfly's wing, if we care for it, nurture it, and strenghten it, we will fly. What will you do to eliminate violence on Peace Day?"

 By 5pm, inside the OCU Student Center, a dozen co-sponsoring organizations had an array of literature and give-away items. Outside, a large drumming circle began, creating a festive atmosphere with a primal beat.
By 6pm, the performances began in the Great Hall where participants enjoyed the talents of singers and dancers from various ethnic traditions. The grand finale was a dance of peace in which all audience participants were invited to dance to a Pinwheels for Peace song created for this special day. This spectacular day (and the 10 days leading up to it) was a result of many volunteers who believe that "Never before have so many voices spoken out so clearly about building a shared sustainable culture of peace, economic justice and environmental stewardship." It takes a change from I to WE! It takes a Village!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enhancing the International Day of Peace-Pinwheels for Peace Festival 2013

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Thank you all for taking time out of your day to come and share your thoughts. We do such good work ;)

My husband and I talked when I came home and he had the idea of having a health clinic available similar to what takes place around the globe on Peace Day. Then Carmen sent an email last night where she had spoken with the Children's Program Director from the Library, and I thought of literacy and education's importance around the world.

 We were talking about asking others in our community to partner with us, what if we asked large organizations to partner with us. It also wouldn't have to all be done during our festival they could partner with us and do their action during the 11 days of Unity leading up to our Festival or even all during the year leading up to our festival and our festival can be the big party at the end. The 11 Themes for Social Change are: Unity, Interdependence, Environment, Economic Justice, Health, Children and Youth, Women, Human Rights, Freedom, Disarmament, and finally Peace. Since we are the "Peace Day" we can focus on fun, but we can really hope that others in our community with these Themes for Change as their mission might want to join us.

 What are your thoughts?  Peacefully, Mikel
I love your the idea of adding committee members from several service organizations to the IDP Committee. I also like the themes for social change. There’s (of course) a lot of over-lap. For instance, we can invite a YWCA director to join us under the themes of children and youth AND women. This is because the YWCA’s mission is to empower women (and children) and to eliminate racism.  I suggest that we brainstorm by making a list of possible organizations and a contacts for each.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

International Day of Peace 2012 @ Casady School and OCU

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11 DAYS OF UNITY International Club
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Chinese Class and Chapel Connection
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

11 days of Unity: 9/11-9/21

Reflect, Connect and Act

WE THE WORLD:  11 Days of Unity


Commitment to a self pattroling nonviolent way of life

What will YAC Do on September 11 and September 21?

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Global Truce; Reduction of Violence initiatives

LIFE SAVING Film Students for PEACE ONE DAY England Mexico ONE DAY, ONE GOAL Elton John A musician,A Peace of Music InterPEACE teams

July 26 meeting at OCU for International Day of Peace Festival

1. Classes
We will have 2 classes running twice during the day: 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
a. Watson Center:  Origami Peace Cranes and Tomoko's Origami Peace Adventure
b. Walker 101: Pinwheels and Peace One Day, location being requested
At one, there will also be another engaging opportunity for anyone interested
c. Quad in front of McDaniel Center: Peace Labyrinth Making

2. Performers-Speakers-Flash Mob
Sandra and Steve will be responsible for the Multicultural festival.  They will contact performers, have all the equipment ready.  Joan's speakers will MC.  Carmen is looking for PAST creator to have an inspirational talk since 9/21 is calling for a Global Truce: Decrease violence!  Aly has been approached to speak at chapel on 9/21.  Reply pending.  Carmen will ask Casady Orchestra and chorus to perform at chapel and at the festival. Reply pending.
Kelly and Steve are working at the Flash Mob.  Carmen will attend the Zumba all day celebration of National Dance Day and connect to dancers who might what to do the video version of the peace flash mob

3. OCU Connections
a. Reverend Long:  Logistics, permissions, food for participants at faculty prices, set-up.  She will also make pinwheels with a group of students.
b. English Professor:  Looking at possibilities with English students.  Trying to secure reservation for Walker 101.
c. Professor Dan May: Carmen will contact him for service-learning credit for OCU attending students volunteering and other connections to World Religion Classes with Charter for Compassion, Peace ONE DAY, 11 Days of Unity (9/11-9/21) and Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and 9/11 Museum.  Carmen is also asking Professor May to consider speaking  on 9/11 at Casady UD chapel

4. T-shirts
a. Mikel will write letter to Shinnyo-en foundation requesting official sponsorship through t-shirts and inviting them to attend the festival

5. Snacks
a. Food available for participants at Faculty prizes  $5.00
b. Drinks: Daniel got donations from Sonic and Starbucks.  He will ask if Starbuck will have people handling their booth.  Drinks will be place at entrance of Hall.

6. Booths:  8 tables requested
1. Drinks
2. T-shirts:  Manpower by Clara Luper Scholar: Taylor Brown and Carmen Clay.  Khadija Hamid from OU was interested in connecting her university to the festival.  She will contact us upon her return from Pakistan
3. Youth Lead OKC:  might manpower a booth.  Reply pending
4. Peace House
5. Budha Mind

7. Website
Daniel will update the website.  He wil requested permission to place logos of sponsors, partners, and donors

8. Connections to PEACE ONE Day
a. Pinwheels for Peace will show video
b. Possible speech by Aly on anti-bullying

To do:
1. Save the date flyer: Mikel
2. Pinwheels at assisted and independent living facilities and Kids Cafes: Carmen
3. Youth Lead, Aly, Casady Orchestra, UNITY and choir: Carmen
4. Website updates: Daniel
5. Flash Mob: Kelly and Steve
6. Performers: Sandra
7. Speakers: Joan and Carmen

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

OCU International Day of Peace Festival meeting 7/26, 2:00 p.m.

@OCU Library, 2nd Floor. If interested please attend

The reason the meeting will not be until July is because that is when Reverend Long can meet with us. I will be happy to work with either of you on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon before then if we need to or we can keep collaborating via email.

 I emailed all of the people who participated in the Giant Pinwheels Contest and all of the People who participate in the Trashin Fashion Show when I first got Okie Peace going. The lady at St. Anthony's is Renee Maynard and her pinwheels are always amazing! I guess we can promote the contest and see who shows up. I think it will be a good idea to try and get the college art students to make one too. I think I am also going try and get some teachers to commit to making a certain amount of pinwheels that I can pick up and install in the giant peace sign on the quad. That drew a lot of attention last year and let everyone know that it was Peace Day and something big was happening there.

On other subjects:  Every April at the Downtown Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts my friend Frances Williams, Piedmont Middle School Art Teacher, and I host a Trashin Fashion show that our friend Linda Esser started with her art students before she passed away. The Fashion show is students wearing fashions that they made completely from Trash and your students would have a ball participating! The show has always been on Friday of the festival at noon on the cafe stage! Maybe you can participate this year? on the CAST for the World Facebook page there are a ton of pictures. I can send  you a link if you would like.

Possible Puzzle Mural:  I would be happy to work with you on a puzzle mural. This lady makes it easy if you want to do a replica of a master work

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brainstorming images, ideas, links, lesson plans

On Thursday we celebrated the 3-month countdown to Peace Day 21 September 2012.
  As you may already be aware, Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012 campaign is calling for and working towards a day of ceasefire and non-violence, observed by all sectors of society, on Peace Day 2012. We hope this will be the largest reduction of violence ever recorded globally on one day – a world record – and the largest ever gathering of individuals in the name of peace.
  I am delighted to announce that Peace One Day Education is joining the campaign with the launch of the Global Truce 2012 Schools’ Network.  Peace One Day recognises the crucial role education plays in the long term success of Peace Day and is inviting all schools/youth groups/educational bodies to join this network and make their commitment to mark Peace Day 2012.  The Schools’ Network will provide a platform for teachers and schools to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative.  In turn, this will enable Peace One Day to measure the impact of schools and young people on Peace Day 21 September 2012.
  There are currently 60 schools/youth groups/educational bodies in the Schools’ Network, active in 43 different countries around the world.  As an already established Peace One Day Education supporter, we encourage you to join as well and help mobilise a generation of young people in support of Peace Day.  You can join here:
  We will continue to grow this network in the next 3 months and ensure every country in the world is represented.  Keep checking the Peace One Day Education page on the website to stay up to date on all the campaign’s developments:
  Once you are member of the Schools’ Network you will receive updates on the campaign’s progress, exclusive content and more.
  Thank you again for all of your support, and I look forward to being in touch soon.
  Warm regards,
  In peace

  Jeremy Gilley
Founder of Peace One Day
UNITY received information about International Day of Peace, we await their reply

Monday, June 18, 2012

Made in Oklahoma by Oklahoma Kids

Here's the full length movie.

Here's students being interviewed by Carol Anne McGuire and her daughter Macy during the Int'l Family Night with Rock Our World.

This is  Howe Rock Our World Wiki:

Here is Weebly website - check out some of our peace activities on the "rocktography" tab.


Click to open:

Click to open: (updated with Arts Standards

Friday, June 15, 2012

Coalitions for 9/21 Global Truce on Violence

WHY GLOBAL TRUCE ON VIOLENCE ON PEACE DAY why coalitions University Students NGO's TEENS

Monday, May 21, 2012

2nd International Day of Peace at OCU 2012 meeting

Mikel, Daniel, Carmen, Joan, and Sidney attended.
Mrs. Bruce brought the Pinwheels for Peace to Casady School
-OCU will be the venue.  The next meeting, 7/26/2012, 2:00-4:00 OCU Library, second floor

-The name will be International Day of Peace Multicultural Festival.  6:00-8:00 p.m. September 21, 2012.

-Sidney pinpointed the need to make the pinwheels more relevant with connections to WE THE WORLD: 11 days of Unity: September 11-September 21.  ttp:// PEACE ONE DAY- Truce on Global Violence: and -this might also be welcomed by OCU students and professors at the school of world religions-the Charter of Compassion-.  Dan May, Director of Service-Learning will be approached for helpers

Another important aspect is a collaboration with the 9/11 Museum and the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Hope Trunk and Called 2 Change Initiatives

-There will be pinwheels and peace crane workshops with peace films at OCU.  Mikel, Carmen and Sidney will create lesson plans for the Pinwheels-Peace ONE day workshops. Carmen will request English and History Casady teachers input for the high school lesson.  An example to follow for development of lesson(s) is the Hope Trunk curriculum.  The OKC International Day of Peace lessons will be distributed to schools from July-August via listserv.  Carmen will also write proposals to present at the VISION social studies conference as well as the OFLTA conference.

The Japan America Society Education Coordinator Gigi Hu will provide the same type of workshops as she did last year.   A live string quartet might be playing as cranes and pinwheels are being made. The workshops- films will take place at OCU rooms closed to the Great Hall. The Great Hall will host the multicultural festival only.   For in-between performances, we will have Peace one day videos ready as time busters.

- We asked Sidney to take request to Youth LEAD OKC teen panel to see if they would like to collaborate with this event.  Sidney will also approach the Casady YAC Teens.  Alex and Eliza might be interested.  Eliza is considering Peace studies as a possible concentration in college.

-OCU cafeteria will be asked to provide discounted prices for International Day of Peace participants to get people to come to eat dinner and enjoy the festival.  We will still have water donated.  500 bottles will be requested from Sonic.

-There will be a new peace flash mob.  Organizers loved last year's, but realized the need for another one to catch the younger demographic attention!  Kelly and Steve will work on that with collaboration from Mrs. Mueller, our choreographer last year.

-Mikel's husband will design a t-shirt for the committee and volunteers.  If Youth LEAD OKC and Casady YAC come on board, Sidney might consider writing a grant solicitation to get Six Billion Paths to Peace if not t-shirts, pins and/or reflection cards -for all participants. Carmen will extend an invitation to the foundation for them to consider being partner of this event in whatever capacity they may welcome.

Carmen through Casady Service Learning and in "possible" collaboration with the UD art club is considering bringing the Peace Pals exhibit and promoting creation of art based global peace prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth on site.

Casady Service-Learning will continue to raise awareness of ENO Environments online, in collaboration with the Survivor seedling tree program from the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum. 100 million trees planted by 2017!

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