Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Resources for International Day of Peace Oklahoma City

Screening of Peace ONE DAY:
Sunday, August 21:4:00-5:30 p.m. Woods Community Room, Casady School.  Contact Carmen Clay if interested at, 520-1325.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Next Meeting September 8, 4:30-5:00, OCU Library, Second Floor

Agenda: Old Business Last minute details
Water: Daniel
Sponsoring organizations: ? Bill???
T-shirts: Carmen
You tube video, Multicultural Performances, Peace MOB, Peace TV broadcast: Steve
Book Marks, Flyers, Pinwheels Contest, Signs: Mikel
Social network: Facebook, Website: Daniel and Mikel
Ambassador of Peace Art Exhibit: Carmen
Registration for JASO film: Joan
Youth Master of Ceremonies: Chelsey Riley OCU student

New Business
ENO Trees planting: The City of Norman has a tree "give-a-way" several times a year. The number for the person in charge of this service is 366-5472. Ask for Sheryl
Tentative Festival Program

Follow-up August meeting e-mail:

Mikel, See e-mail below. I am excited about Norman Public schools embracing Pinwheels-International Day of Peace this year. Please send the most updated flyers

Jennifer, I talked to Ineko, Program Director of the Shinnyo-en Foundation. They will send 200 t-shirts. Per this e-mail, I am requesting cash on delivery for postage. I asked for 200 t-shirts: 20 2X; 50 M; 80 XL; 50 SM

Ship to:
Oklahoma City University

Att: Rev. Jennifer J. Long

Director of Religious Life

2501 N. Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106-1493

Wonderful possibility on September 21: We might have one or two members of the foundation staff in OKC on September 21. If their trip is possible, they request "low profile." Check the bios of the foundation staff in San Francisco at

Monday, August 8, 2011

Organizing Committee Meeting: August 11, 2:00 p.m. 2nd Floor OCU library

Attendace: Dr. Mark Davis, Rev. Jennifer Long, Bill Bryant, Mikel Ibarra, Carmen Clay, Daniel; 208-3381. Gigi had storm damage, Joan was out of town. Steve was sick. 

Old Business: Final details:
-Book marks will be made by Mikel and distributed at A+ Schools conference and Art Teachers conference.
-Parking and directional signs were discussed.  Mikel will investigate cost.
-Carmen will request 200 t-shirts from Shinnyo-en for the festival.  Postage must be paid by the festival organizers.
-There was a report of $1,000 budget without $25 dues from sponsoring organizations wanting an 1/8 of a table.
-Online and live marketing report: Joan, Carmen, and Mikel have contacted teachers. OCU will contact through e-mail and there will be a big push through facebook
-The festival will be on PEACE TV
-There is an OCU student who might MC the festival.  Carmen will also contact a former OCU OKC Queen.
-Bill reported Steve's technology needs.  Steve needs to contact directly the pertinent OCU people.
-No response on painting the area where students could plant pinwheels yet.
-Next meeting, September 8, 4:30-5:00, OCU Library, Second Floor.
-Water bottles will be provided by Sonic (Daniel) or OCU (Jennifer)

New Business from Carmen
a. Peace One Day: DVD's arrived to Casady (32 minute and 55 minute version)Peace one day educational resources at  Carmen invited people to view it with Casady faculty, Date TB e-mailed this week.

b. Ambassadors of Peace Exhibit arrived to Casady (poster size inside plastic containers).  Carmen will have it at Casady 7/1-7/11.  Mikel will have the exhibit from 7/12-7/20.  Exhibit will be at OCU 7/21

c. Conversation with OFLTA President, Russell Ray.  We will present at OFLTA conference for next year.  Russell will make language teachers aware.

d. A+ Schools Conference...September 17.  Committe members needed to volunteer. Carmen, Mikel and Joan will be at other venues.
e. Honorary Council Generals:  Contact information?? Possible speakers...Protocol person at Capitol??  No speakers this year.  Only performances

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