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Global Truce; Reduction of Violence initiatives

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July 26 meeting at OCU for International Day of Peace Festival

1. Classes
We will have 2 classes running twice during the day: 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
a. Watson Center:  Origami Peace Cranes and Tomoko's Origami Peace Adventure
b. Walker 101: Pinwheels and Peace One Day, location being requested
At one, there will also be another engaging opportunity for anyone interested
c. Quad in front of McDaniel Center: Peace Labyrinth Making

2. Performers-Speakers-Flash Mob
Sandra and Steve will be responsible for the Multicultural festival.  They will contact performers, have all the equipment ready.  Joan's speakers will MC.  Carmen is looking for PAST creator to have an inspirational talk since 9/21 is calling for a Global Truce: Decrease violence!  Aly has been approached to speak at chapel on 9/21.  Reply pending.  Carmen will ask Casady Orchestra and chorus to perform at chapel and at the festival. Reply pending.
Kelly and Steve are working at the Flash Mob.  Carmen will attend the Zumba all day celebration of National Dance Day and connect to dancers who might what to do the video version of the peace flash mob

3. OCU Connections
a. Reverend Long:  Logistics, permissions, food for participants at faculty prices, set-up.  She will also make pinwheels with a group of students.
b. English Professor:  Looking at possibilities with English students.  Trying to secure reservation for Walker 101.
c. Professor Dan May: Carmen will contact him for service-learning credit for OCU attending students volunteering and other connections to World Religion Classes with Charter for Compassion, Peace ONE DAY, 11 Days of Unity (9/11-9/21) and Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and 9/11 Museum.  Carmen is also asking Professor May to consider speaking  on 9/11 at Casady UD chapel

4. T-shirts
a. Mikel will write letter to Shinnyo-en foundation requesting official sponsorship through t-shirts and inviting them to attend the festival

5. Snacks
a. Food available for participants at Faculty prizes  $5.00
b. Drinks: Daniel got donations from Sonic and Starbucks.  He will ask if Starbuck will have people handling their booth.  Drinks will be place at entrance of Hall.

6. Booths:  8 tables requested
1. Drinks
2. T-shirts:  Manpower by Clara Luper Scholar: Taylor Brown and Carmen Clay.  Khadija Hamid from OU was interested in connecting her university to the festival.  She will contact us upon her return from Pakistan
3. Youth Lead OKC:  might manpower a booth.  Reply pending
4. Peace House
5. Budha Mind

7. Website
Daniel will update the website.  He wil requested permission to place logos of sponsors, partners, and donors

8. Connections to PEACE ONE Day
a. Pinwheels for Peace will show video
b. Possible speech by Aly on anti-bullying

To do:
1. Save the date flyer: Mikel
2. Pinwheels at assisted and independent living facilities and Kids Cafes: Carmen
3. Youth Lead, Aly, Casady Orchestra, UNITY and choir: Carmen
4. Website updates: Daniel
5. Flash Mob: Kelly and Steve
6. Performers: Sandra
7. Speakers: Joan and Carmen

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

OCU International Day of Peace Festival meeting 7/26, 2:00 p.m.

@OCU Library, 2nd Floor. If interested please attend

The reason the meeting will not be until July is because that is when Reverend Long can meet with us. I will be happy to work with either of you on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon before then if we need to or we can keep collaborating via email.

 I emailed all of the people who participated in the Giant Pinwheels Contest and all of the People who participate in the Trashin Fashion Show when I first got Okie Peace going. The lady at St. Anthony's is Renee Maynard and her pinwheels are always amazing! I guess we can promote the contest and see who shows up. I think it will be a good idea to try and get the college art students to make one too. I think I am also going try and get some teachers to commit to making a certain amount of pinwheels that I can pick up and install in the giant peace sign on the quad. That drew a lot of attention last year and let everyone know that it was Peace Day and something big was happening there.

On other subjects:  Every April at the Downtown Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts my friend Frances Williams, Piedmont Middle School Art Teacher, and I host a Trashin Fashion show that our friend Linda Esser started with her art students before she passed away. The Fashion show is students wearing fashions that they made completely from Trash and your students would have a ball participating! The show has always been on Friday of the festival at noon on the cafe stage! Maybe you can participate this year? on the CAST for the World Facebook page there are a ton of pictures. I can send  you a link if you would like.

Possible Puzzle Mural:  I would be happy to work with you on a puzzle mural. This lady makes it easy if you want to do a replica of a master work

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