Monday, May 21, 2012

2nd International Day of Peace at OCU 2012 meeting

Mikel, Daniel, Carmen, Joan, and Sidney attended.
Mrs. Bruce brought the Pinwheels for Peace to Casady School
-OCU will be the venue.  The next meeting, 7/26/2012, 2:00-4:00 OCU Library, second floor

-The name will be International Day of Peace Multicultural Festival.  6:00-8:00 p.m. September 21, 2012.

-Sidney pinpointed the need to make the pinwheels more relevant with connections to WE THE WORLD: 11 days of Unity: September 11-September 21.  ttp:// PEACE ONE DAY- Truce on Global Violence: and -this might also be welcomed by OCU students and professors at the school of world religions-the Charter of Compassion-.  Dan May, Director of Service-Learning will be approached for helpers

Another important aspect is a collaboration with the 9/11 Museum and the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Hope Trunk and Called 2 Change Initiatives

-There will be pinwheels and peace crane workshops with peace films at OCU.  Mikel, Carmen and Sidney will create lesson plans for the Pinwheels-Peace ONE day workshops. Carmen will request English and History Casady teachers input for the high school lesson.  An example to follow for development of lesson(s) is the Hope Trunk curriculum.  The OKC International Day of Peace lessons will be distributed to schools from July-August via listserv.  Carmen will also write proposals to present at the VISION social studies conference as well as the OFLTA conference.

The Japan America Society Education Coordinator Gigi Hu will provide the same type of workshops as she did last year.   A live string quartet might be playing as cranes and pinwheels are being made. The workshops- films will take place at OCU rooms closed to the Great Hall. The Great Hall will host the multicultural festival only.   For in-between performances, we will have Peace one day videos ready as time busters.

- We asked Sidney to take request to Youth LEAD OKC teen panel to see if they would like to collaborate with this event.  Sidney will also approach the Casady YAC Teens.  Alex and Eliza might be interested.  Eliza is considering Peace studies as a possible concentration in college.

-OCU cafeteria will be asked to provide discounted prices for International Day of Peace participants to get people to come to eat dinner and enjoy the festival.  We will still have water donated.  500 bottles will be requested from Sonic.

-There will be a new peace flash mob.  Organizers loved last year's, but realized the need for another one to catch the younger demographic attention!  Kelly and Steve will work on that with collaboration from Mrs. Mueller, our choreographer last year.

-Mikel's husband will design a t-shirt for the committee and volunteers.  If Youth LEAD OKC and Casady YAC come on board, Sidney might consider writing a grant solicitation to get Six Billion Paths to Peace if not t-shirts, pins and/or reflection cards -for all participants. Carmen will extend an invitation to the foundation for them to consider being partner of this event in whatever capacity they may welcome.

Carmen through Casady Service Learning and in "possible" collaboration with the UD art club is considering bringing the Peace Pals exhibit and promoting creation of art based global peace prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth on site.

Casady Service-Learning will continue to raise awareness of ENO Environments online, in collaboration with the Survivor seedling tree program from the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum. 100 million trees planted by 2017!

Friday, May 4, 2012

What is the Global Truce ?


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