Friday, May 28, 2010

Opening the Golden Flower

July 9-11: Mindfulness Retreat, Saint Francis of the Woods, Hw 33, east of Guthrie
Cost $250. Starts Friday at 7:00 pm. to Sunday noon. (25 participants) Contact: Pat Webb, 405-286-0091, 209-7111

Gather as a community in an environment of Noble Silence,
Look deeply at the teachings of the Budha,
Enjoy mindful walking, eating, relaxing, singing and sharing,
Refresh bodies, hearts, and minds.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Emily Silverstein's Father Path to Peace

My June Path to Peace

From end of the year pictures

From end of the year pictures

When? Sunday, 6 June, 2010,2:00-4:00 p.m.
24-time zones walking in a 24-hour period

Where?: Join the United Nations of Greater Oklahoma City at the South Plaza of the State Capitol and Perimeter.
On Site “Zumba Conmigo” to pump up walkers, Kimberly and Diego Munoz
Rainy Day Option: Your treadmill, your neighborhood, or join the virtual walk on Facebook

What? $10 per mile. Find sponsors. Set your own goal
Hydrate. Use reusable water bottles. Sierra Club bottles for sale at walk
Decorate a T-shirt with your motivation to walk

Why? Hungry Children Cannot Learn

How? Checks, Online Donations
United Nations World Food Programme, School Meals, Walk the World

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Food-4-Kids

For more information contact; 405- 520-1325

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Count Down to the International Day of Peace

The UN has chosen the theme Youth, Peace and Development for this year's observance of the International Day of Peace.

The concept behind this is to connect the Millennium Development Goals and the UN International Year of Youth with the International Day of Peace. The Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) are based upon the premise that development must be for peace. A summit on the Millennium Development Goals will be held at UN headquarters Sept. 20 - 22; As part of this, the Stand Up Campaign has shifted its three day worldwide mobilization to Sept. 17-19; last year over 100 million people participated in this event.

Due to the MDG summit, the UN ceremonies for the International Day of Peace will take place on Friday, Sept. 17th. These will include the annual ringing of the Peace Bell by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the student observance, and possibly student participation in the Stand Up Campaign.

100-Day Countdown
The UN's 100-Day Countdown to the IDP begins on June 13th.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will deliver a message about the International Day of Peace, during which he will ask all nations and people to prepare for this year's observance. Some of the UN Messengers of Peace - celebrities and world leaders - will also be involved.

Will you join us in the 100 Day Countdown?
We are asking member organizations of the Culture of Peace Initiative to conduct their own 100-Day Countdowns in order to engage your networks to also make plans for this occasion. Among us, all segments of civil society will be involved in this process, including: religious and volunteer groups; NGO's representating many aspects of Peacebuilding - from care of the environment to promoting human rights; educational institutions; local and grassroots organizations; families and private citizens; businesses and professionals; and the media.

This year marks the close of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace. Let us use this occasion to set the stage for a more widespread and universal observance of the International Day of Peace in future years - observances that showcase sustainable solutions and create practical acts of Peacebuilding.

2010: Africa's Year of Peace and Security
The African Union has asked it's 53 nation members to observe the International Day of Peace this year - among all nations, cultures and families. The African Union expects that a day of ceasefire in conflict zones will allow for humanitarian relief, such as vital food, water, mosquito nets and other emergency supplies to be provided to people in those areas. 2010 is Africa's "Year of Peace and Security" which will culminate on the International Day of Peace, and enable Africans to continue making Peace through education, awareness-raising and empowerment.

Presenting... the CPI Report on Peace Day 2009!
Michael Johnson of Pathways To Peace presented the 2009 annual report of the Culture of Peace Initiative on the International Day of Peace to the UN in April. This report is available at and View the report by regions around the world!

CPI Online Community
In the run up to the 100 day countdown, we encourage you to make connections through the CPI online community: The group includes an ever-growing list of more than 500 organization profiles and peacebuilding resources and solutions. The group map can show you Peacebuilders and organizations from around the world, who are part of the CPI network! Our community is hosted on, now available in French, Spanish and Portuguese!

Please join and make your presence known on - the International Day of Peace Facebook page. Can you help us reach 20,000 people this week!

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