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On 9/21/2011, United Nations, International Day of Peace's 30th Anniversary, multilingual peace pinwheels spun at the Casady lake aligning our paths to peace with "finding and acting from a state of peace within ourselves to commitment to practical acts of peace for the good of others; and to an ongoing peace building practice."   The Peace One Day, Global Truce 2012 video, shown at Chapel inspired us to equate the observance of the day to saving lives because the projected cease of fire in 2011 would allow children to be immunized, and food would reach people in need through the United Nations World Food Programme. We were also inspired by Jeremy Gilley's passion for an intentional ONE DAY avoidance of conflict and violence on International Day of Peace, Friday, September 21, 2012.

Pinwheels for Peace is an art installation project started in 2005 by two Art teachers, Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan, who teach at Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Florida, as a way for their students to express their feelings about what’s going on in the world and in their lives. The project was quickly embraced by their students and the entire school community and by millions of art teachers, teachers, parents, children who want a world at peace. 
       La clase de la Senorita Croce         
The Casady UD peace pinwheels, designed by Spanish teacher, Eric Chaverri, were the first to be planted around the lake. Miss Brittany Croce, UD Spanish teacher stated, "Pinwheels gave a fun break from grammar. Students did a great job decorating them with thoughtful target language words and haiku poetry."

Orchestra @ Chapel

At UD chapel, Mr. Larry Moore stated his path to peace as "peaceful resolution of conflicts" at the end of an inspiring speech and before his orchestra performed Mr. Moore's favorite "piece of peace" led by Teddy Nollert'12.

The Middle, Lower, and Primary Divisions, wearing Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts donated for the occasion by the Shinnyo-en Foundation,  had special celebration activities through the day.

Mr. Varela, our Assistant Vicar and Miss Lynn Taylor, Foreign Language Department Head, facilitated a reflective and joyful MD planting of peace pinwheels around the lake.  

Mrs. Jeanmarie Nielsen, choir director for Upper and Middle divisions stated, "All MD choirs and the UD Choir learned a setting of the "Pie Jesu," Latin prayer for peace. The composer, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, is an Oklahoma musician who wrote this piece after the OKC bombing.  The MD choirs came together to form a mass choir of 73 singers, and sang "Pie Jesu" in chapel on Wednesday, 9/21/11.  The UD choir sang the piece in their chapel on Tuesday, 9/20/11."

At the end of the day, fifth graders joined the Eno Environment online, PEACE IS GREEN and planted a sapling of the Oklahoma Memorial Survivor Tree brought to our campus by the museum's education coordinator, Mrs. Lynn Porter.  Inspirational tree planting speeches were given by fifth grade students, Dalton Schumaker, Lucy Greene and teacher and  environmentalist,  David Braden. 

In the 7th grade classes, Mrs Stephanie Crossno stated, "We have student presentations beginning on Wednesday and Thursday during the English classes—7th grade. The students have designed utopian peaceful communities that they will be sharing using Power Point presentations. Also, the kids are working on a tape art installation representing different aspects of community ideals."   In the 8th grade advisories, students watched Jeremy Gilley's 32 minute video, PEACE ONE DAY.  Mr. White, Service Coordinator of the SEE period stated, "It prompted conversations that matter.  Kids needed more time.  It was awesome."
The LD planted their laminated pinwheels on a drawing of a peace symbol.   At chapel students joined children around the world singing Rock our World, facilitated by Tammy Rice, LD music teacher.   

The Primary Division students were so attached to their pinwheels they could not part from them.  They had a reflective walk and delighted observing the pinwheels created by the other divisions across the lake.  Emma Sharp'12 volunteered at the event.

Susan Bruce, LD Math teacher, as she did in 2005, when she brought the pinwheels for peace project to the Casady community in  support of the then first OKC citywide Pinwheels for Peace festival, took hundreds of LD pinwheels to the OCU International Day of  Peace, Pinwheels for Peace Festival.  Khadija Hamid'12 and Carmen Clay, Service-Learning Director took the UD and MD pinwheels to the festival.   Festival volunteers planted over 800 pinwheels in front of the Great Hall of the OCU McDaniel Student Center.  One of the Casady pinwheels made the Daily Oklahoman morning headline  on 10/22/2011.

Japan America Society Community Dance

Capitol Hill's Diversity Dance Club:  Waka, Waka

Inside OCU's Great Hall, intergenerational performers delighted the audience demonstrating the rich multicultural talented tapestry of our city.

Seaworth Academy Music Class

Giant Pinwheel Workshop at Woods Community Room
The giant pinwheels created by Khadija Hamid'12 at a workshop facilitated by LWPB architectural firm intern Morgan Robberson, received OCU's giant pinwheel contest trophies.

Mikel Ibarra, Festival Chair announces Giant Pinwheel Contest winners

Pinwheels were donated to non-profit organizations through festival organizer, Respect Diversity Foundation CEO, Joan Korenblit.

At the culmination of the OCU festival, Joan Korenbilt stated, “Guests participated in a drumming circle that set the mood for our festival.
Participants were asked to ‘imagine peace.’ They joined in during several dances including a lovely Japanese folk dance. The festival was truly an interactive celebration! People of all cultures were reminded that the diversity within our world enhances the Earth.”

Peace Flash Mob choreographed by Elizabeth Mueller
 Khadija Hamid'12, Casady YAC festival volunteer stated, "It was awesome to make the pinwheels, dance the flash peace mob, and see the talented youth who celebrated the International Day of Peace at OCU. I wish more people would have been able to participate because it was amazing. I loved Capitol Hill's High School's Waka, Waka and the Dragon Dancers ."

Give Peace a Chance by Steve McLinn  

Carmen Clay'74 stated, "Our only regret was not to have been able to share the festival with our Shinnyo-en friends-kind providers of the Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts-, Foundation Vice-President, Ben Takagi and Program Director, Ineko itsuchida, who spent the day resolving peacefully conflicts with flight cancellations and  missed connections."

Japan in a Suitcase Peace Film Series: On a Paper Crane,
Tomoko's Adventure OCU workshop on 9/21/2011
Let's keep on working at making Sadako's Origami "esperanza de" paix a reality.  Next year September 21 in on a Friday!


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International Day of Peace Festival at OCU

Special thanks to the Shinnyo-en Foundation for providing a unifying t-shirt for the festival participants

2011 Pinwheels for Peacerglow / Wrap / After Action meeting minutes

Location: Steve and Sherry McLinn Home , Date: 9/30/11, Time: 5:00 pm

Committee Members Present: Elizabeth Muller, Carmen Clay, Joan Korenblit, Gigi Hu, Dianna Freeland, Steve McLinn, Bill Bryant, Saundra Delgado, Daniel Kline

· 500-800 pinwheels
· Approximately 350 of the 500 bottles of water consumed

· Event was a success
· Jennifer Long liked event
· Mark Davies liked the event
· Link for video upload:
· This year’s event being on a Wednesday, and being a church night, some did not stay
· Next year event will be on Friday
· Japan America Society of Oklahoma (JASO) appreciated thank you letter
· JASO connection with Casady school
· Carmen’s Casady students: pinwheels are one of many of their enriching activities Curricular connections: Peace Education in lower grades, languages in Upper. NO ART TEACHERS!
· Casady Smilebox was good
· We are not organized as a 501(3)c non-profit organization
· Linking to Shinnyo-en Foundation: Six Billion Paths to Peace- Shinnyo-en Foundation appreciated Joan’s thank you letter
· Get the “OK” for doing event next year at OCU
· OCU did not issue parking tickets all day
· Facebook page has photo album from event
· Video of entire event on 

Bookmarks and posters made by Mikel were great
Didn’t work
· Bookmarks and posters needed to be distributed earlier
-No banners/signs on campus
· Visitor intended to come to 5:00 event but came at 9:00 am
· Event not on OCU website: It did end up on the OCU master calendar so if people went to the OCU website it was there on that day. Also, our media guy got it in the Gazette.
· Post signs/banners with schedule of events on campus
· Promote before event happens
· Advertise with the Gazette: OCU’s media got it in the Gazett
· Advertise in school newspaper: It was at OCU’s master calendar at website-We need to directly connect with professors, clubs, and disciplines where this event is connected to the curriculum
· Have drumming circle on campus during the day to attract college students. GET JAPANESE DRUMMING TEAMS FROM OSU/OCU/OU
· Daniel will update website for organization. Send your thought and ideas to him to specify what the organization website should have. My reflection is at

College Involvement
· Chelsey Riley, OCU Student, assisted emcee as host
. Location and support of the School of Religion and Mark Davis
Didn’t work
· 40 OCU students who intended to participate did not
· Consult with faculty members to put event activities in curriculum or as extra credit for students to participate in some capacity (music, international studies, independent studies, etc.)

· Full program was recorded on video
Didn’t work
· No time for sound check
· Live video online stream connection problem
· Steve had too many hats
· Microphone use problems
· Steve needs 2 assistants
· Contact video production department at Francis Tuttle Technology Center (Janet Harris) or OCU to coordinate student to shoot video for archive and streaming of live event
· Train participants in how to use microphones correctly
· Feed video into west room big screen TV
· Ask venue if they have sound system we can use

Display Tables
· Special thanks to Joan for having a volunteer manpower the Casady table while Carmen and student planted 500 pinwheels. The festival had at least 800 total. Let’s make 1,000 goal for next year!
Didn’t work
· Tables remained open during program, people were talking distracting to the program.
· Not open to enough people
· Was not clear what time they could set up
· All tables were not easily visible to patrons
· Close display tables during program and invite hosts from each to watch the program. Ask table organizers to bring bag to store merchandise to carry with them. Pamphlets and other free items can remain at the tables unattended.
· Have display tables open earlier in the day to expose to college students.
· Display tables in room west of Great Hall which is outside of cafeteria. Logistics.
-Have a big screen for people at tables to enjoy the festival and students to be attracted to go to the Great Hall
· Place display tables in a “U” or “L” shape for more exposure

-We had a program to pass to people.  Thanks, Mikel
· Many people participated in peace flash mob and pinwheel dance
Didn’t work
· Native American Group late to perform
· Sandra had trouble finding performers for their call time
· 3min break between performers too long
· Core pinwheel dance people were gone by the time we did the dance
· Audience participation with choir (call & response)
· Have events/activities go on all day so that anyone can come in the morning, afternoon or evening and get a piece of the whole experience in that small part if can’t stay for the whole day.
· Have Native American Group first (or last) in program
· Peace flash mob segues to subtle heartbeat to feel peace Have dance studios lead the dance if OCU School of Dance is unable to participate. Maybe promote a dance competition with the same music, just different choreography???
· Have emcees thank OCU (this may have already occurred)
· Have the Dean Mark Davies be part of the program
· Have check-in station for performers
· Assigned seating for performers
· Have culture specific ritual type experience (bongs, flute, church bells, Buddhist
meditation, etc.) between performers to keep moment going
· Have peace flash mob rehearsals in various places (school classrooms, community, etc.) with lead time before event
· Pinwheel dance
- Train core people from each culture to be leaders and hold on the inner wheel
· Lead dance of universal peace next year for children “Peace Pilgrim.” In 1950s, woman walked 10,000 miles for peace and did not ask for any hospitality. Was invited to speak at schools.
- Need to make performers feel comfortable
· Buddha Mind children to possibly perform next year. OU Taiko group possible performance during drumming time, OSU and UCO also have those Japanese drums!!!

· Good participation
Didn’t work
· 4-5 rows of audience, some not involved
· Some had to stand
· People did not stay
· Organize chairs in a diamond or triangle shape with corners as back stage areas (Elizabeth and Steve coordinate – diagram)
· Have ushers to move people
- Lobby overflow in room west of great hall outside of cafeteria.
· Work out logistics with chairs
· Have raffle at end so that people will have to be present to win. We need to have more than the performers family, HOW?

Didn’t work
· Not enough higher ed, primary and secondary school involvement. We need to consider asking people who cannot come to send 1 minute videos, which could be use in between performances. We also need to encourage tree planting and Peace ONE Day education because pinwheels might not be what high school teachers want to do because it is for younger students. I will film the performance by my orchestra for example!
· Encourage kids to eat before they come
· Feed school kids with granola bars
· Make process easier for teachers (requisition forms, etc.)
· Have schools come all day, if possible

Looking Forward
· Contact Duke University to research
o What we are doing
o Gather statistics and analysis for getting grants
o Service learning projects (how can we participate)
· We need credibility
· How are we defining ourselves?
· Possible/future funders
o Devon Energy
o OKC Community Foundation
o Chesapeake Energy
o Coca Cola
o Ben & Jerry
- Shinnyo-en Foundation
· Daniel will write mission statement

Daniel Kline, Web Developer, 2011 National Web Design Team Champion,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Program for OCU's September 21, International Day of Peace

Placement of Pinwheels :

4:00-5:00 Pinwheels planted in the lawn by anyone who brings them
Giant Peace dove floats among PINWHEELS.  Drummers drumming

4:15- 4:45  Casady YAC makes pinwheels on site!

4:45-5:00 Dove and Drummers lead participants inside

5:00 Dove flies inside hall spreading "confetti" while people are welcomed and settled

5:00-7:00 Program

A. Multicultural Performances
B. Group Dance Activities
1. Lion Dance segues into Flash Mob for Peace
2. Snake dance creates circle
3. Dove flies into circle bringing Peace sign which spins in the middle
4. Peace sign becomes horizontal, pinwheel rays form
5. Pinwheels for Peace Dance
6. End all spinning individually, Peace sign spins in the middle
7. Ending words from Chelsea as music fades out.  See you 9/21/2012


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wednesday, Sept 13, 4 p.m. in front of OCU Library

Pinwheels for Peace Festival at OCU 

Agenda: Steve to speak with the directors of the performers and set a program.

Placement of Pinwheels : 4:15-5:00 Casady YAC makes pinwheels on site!
(Carmen will bring three drums)

4:00-5:00   Pinwheels being planted in the lawn
Peace dove (Sue Tarr. Nadia & Soami _, Margo Hewett) floats among them
Drummers drumming (hopefully, 11, at least Steve and Elizabeth)

4:45-5:00  Dove and Drummers lead folks inside

5:00   Dove flies inside hall spreading "confetti" while people are welcomed and settled

5:00-7:00 Program
a. Multicultural Performances
Lion Dance segues into Flash Mob for Peace
c. Snake dance creates circle
d. Dove flies into circle bringing Peace sign which spins in the middle
e. Peace sign becomes horizontal, pinwheel rays form
f. Pinwheels for Peace Dance
g. End all spinning individually, Peace sign spins in the middle
h. Ending words from Chelsea(?) as music fades out

Monday, September 5, 2011

OCU International Day of Peace-Pinwheels for Peace OKC meeting, September 8, 4:30 p.m. OCU Library, 2nd floor


Old Business: Last minute details
1. Water: Daniel. He wil request 1000
2. Sponsoring organizations: Bill???
3. T-shirts: Carmen..Ordered will be delivered to Casady

4. You tube video, Multicultural Performances, Peace MOB, Peace TV broadcast: done
5. Book Marks, Flyers, Pinwheels Contest, Signs: Mikel provided them
6. Social network: Facebook, Website: Daniel is finalizing the website
7. Ambassador of Peace Art Exhibit and Pinwheels: Carmen Casady 5th graders Haiku. UD and MD students making pinwheels in language classes. LD and PD making pinwheels in their regular classrooms and/or art classes. Morning celebrations of IDP being coordinated. Carmen will bring Peace Pals Exhibit to OCU on the 20th.
8. Registration for JASO film: Joan, two sessions taken
9. Youth Master of Ceremonies: Chelsey Riley OCU student, still looking for male MC
10. Speaker: Joan found one speaker

New Business1. ENO Trees planting: The City of Norman has a tree "give-a-way" several times a year. The number for the person in charge of this service is 366-5472. Ask for SherylSheriff. Trees are only available for Norman residents and schools. Carmen is checking for seedling of OKlahoma Memorial Museum Survivor Tree for Casady.
2. Tentative Festival Program: STEVE

3. Visitors from California: Shinnyo-en Foundation CEO and program director arriving the 21st at 2:00 p.m. to attend OCU's International Day of Peace celebration. "low profile requested" More about the foundation at

Tsutomu Ben Takagi – Vice PresidentTsutomu Ben Takagi became the Vice President of the Shinnyo-en Foundation Board of Directors and the leader of Shinnyo-en Foundation on February 25, 2011. Previously Ben managed the financial and human resources department at Panasonic in Japan, the U.S. and Canada. Ben became a member of the staff of Shinnyo-en USA in 2002 and he served at the Seattle Temple for the first two years. In 2004 Ben was transferred to Shinnyo-en USA Head Temple in Redwood City, California. He became treasurer of Shinnyo-en USA in 2007 and continues to serve in this position. He is also a reverend at Shinnyo-en USA. He served Shinnyo-en Foundation as a member of the board of directors from 2004 through 2009.

Ineko Tsuchida Ph.D. – Program DirectorIneko joined the Foundation in October 2007. As Program Director, she oversees the Foundation’s grantmaking and all programs. In partnership with new and long-time associates and friends of the Foundation, she promotes the actualization of the Foundation’s Six Billion Paths to Peace initiative. Ineko also serves as liaison to leading academic institutions in peace education, peace studies, and service-learning as she directs the Foundation’s Shinnyo Fellowship Program. Ineko has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education from San Francisco State University and a Master’s and a Ph. D. in Educational Psychology from UC Berkeley. Working at the Shinnyo-en Foundation builds on Ineko’s lifelong passion to improve the lives of children and their families.

Dates of Action at Casady School
September 7:  RDF @ Casady  Haiku Poetry for International Day of Peace
September 10: JASO @ Casady: Japan in a Suitcase: Anime Film and Peace Cranes.  Free open to the public.  Sponsored by Japan Foundation
September 11: Casady S-L and OCU volunteers @ Concert, dinner and auction benefiting Buddha Mind Monastery. Skype at noon with Harvard scholar.
September 13: Casady Skype with Jeremy Gilley, creator of Peace one day, 10:00 a.m.
September 17: JASO @ Casady:  Japan in a Suitcase: Anime Film.  Peace art and ettiquete for understanding workshop.
September 15-19: Pinwheels made at Casady Divisions
September 18: Pinwheels and Peace Pals exhibit opens at Casady MD
September 20-22: Peace Pals Exhibit at OCU

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