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Dear Carmen,

I have put a DVD in the post for you.

Please feel free to pass on my details to any other interested teachers, and direct them to www.peaceoneday.org/en/education  where they too can access our FREE Peace One Day Education Resources.

Please note that you can now access The Day After Peace film for free at http://youtu.be/pVo4lQe8MhQ  .

Additionally, you can watch the Global Truce Introduce Film for free at http://youtu.be/AuTVFMj5m0A .

It would be wonderful to hear how both teachers and students have responded to the Peace One Day Education Resources, as well as the films. It would also be great if you could update us with any plans you may have for Peace Day 2011, or perhaps let us know how you plan to begin your 365-day countdown to Peace Day 2012 – a Global Truce.

Thank you, Carmen, for your continued interest in Peace One Day.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,  Clementine clementine.smith@peaceoneday.org

Thursday, July 21, 2011

International Day of Peace-Pinwheels for Peace Meeting

TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2:00 P.M. OCU LIBRARY, Second Floor
Click here for Peace TV: http://www.peaceday.tv/peaceday2010


Old Business: 
Follow-up International Day of Peace planning
-Mikel made the flyers and will be ready for distribution shortly. Joan, Mikel and Carmen will contact databases.
-Steve will make a video for promotional purposes.
-Next Meeting August 11, 2:00 p.m. OCU Library.

New Business: For planning committee consideration
ENO Schoos Program on line: Trees project. OCU already planted trees and Casady passed on the opportunity. 
May Peace Prevail Art Exhibit:  Waiting for the exhibit to see if paitings can be placed at festival location.

Minutes from Bill
July 26, 2011, Dulaney-Browne Library, Oklahoma City University, Planning for the International Day of Peace..."Pinwheels for Peace" -- September 21, 2011. In Attendance: Bill Bryant ... wildbill73107@cox.net 405-760-5322, Carmen Clay ... clayc@casady.org 405-520-1325, Dee Freeland ... diannafreeland@me.com 917-455-7879, Gigi Hu ... tyghu@hotmail.com 405-260-1833, Mikel Ibarra ... mikeliba@gmail.com 405-924-6036, Joan Korenblit ... rdfrdf@cox.net 405-359-0369, Jennifer Long ... jlong@okcu.edu 405-208-5078, Steve McLinn ... steve@ojasmusic.com 405-844-0242, Devin Schroeder ... dschroeder@regionalfoodbank.org 405-604-7102, (Carmen's cousin-Chary Angulo de Alfaro was also in attendance, but she did not put her name on the Sign-In sheet).

Next meeting: Thursday, August 11th -- 2pm, Second Floor Conference Room, Dulaney-Browne Library, Oklahoma City University

It was noted that Joe Meinhart was AWOL today. No doubt he is doing something that will result in the betterment of the human condition.

After a round of self-introductions, there was a general discussion of the purpose of the International Day of Peace. It is a celebration that has many different dimensions and a slightly different meaning depending on one's perspective.

Mikel commented on the appeal of bringing the pinwheels to OCU.

Carmen reminded us about the competition for construction of giant pinwheels. She mentioned the "Peace One Day" website, and she encouraged everyone to visit it:
http://www.peaceoneday.org/. She spoke passionately about the motivation of Pinwheels for Peace. Steve described his work with arts in the schools.

Mikel circulated draft flyers she prepared. She mentioned that a Facebook page has been created for our celebration of the International Day of Peace: "Pinwheels for Peace Oklahoma City Festival."

Regarding the giant pinwheels competition, Carmen said she is working with 3 architectural firms to provide contest guidelines. Jennifer mentioned that OCU may be able to provide some prizes for the contest.

There was a good discussion about food and drink. Jennifer reminded us that OCU has an exclusive contract with Sodexo for food service. And, being peaceful non-violent folks, we would not want to step on Sodexo's toes. However, if we need to bring in some incidental food with an ethnic or national flavor (or other special properties), then that would probably be OK.

I have "transportation" in my notes. I don't remember what this means. I think it might refer to school buses to transport students from their school sites to OCU. As I recall, there was a question about parking. Or, maybe it was something else. (I need to take better notes!).

There was a general discussion about the use of space within the Great Hall.

For Gigi's activities (origami, anime), the room will be set up with 7 tables with 6 chairs each. Jennifer took notes on the specifications.

At about 4 or 4:15pm, the space will be transformed into a spectacular venue for performances. This will involve the wrangling of tables and chairs. Jennifer has a special team of student workers who can be recruited to take care of this task. They are referred to by their job title, which is something with "dude" in the name. Is that right?

At 4:30pm, drumming will begin on the Quad. It will be dramatic and evocative and welcoming.

In the foyer, OCU will set up four 8-foot tables. These will be available for our co-sponsoring groups who may wish to have a display of informational materials -- nothing of a partisan political nature, and nothing having to do with the consumption of alcohol.

We'll invite the following groups to contribute to our budget and share the tables: Casady, Respect Diversity, Peace House, SGI-USA, the Buddha Mind Monastery, etc.

At 5pm, the performances will begin in the Great Hall.

(Mikel --> Steve: A list of groups who have performed in past years).

Right before the final dance, we will set aside some time to announce the winners of the Giant Pinwheels contest.

Then, the entire event will be moved out the doors, through the foyer, and onto the Quad. Audience and performers will stream outside (where the weather will be perfect).

The grand finale will take place on the Quad. A performance space will be pre-defined and designated in a creative way -- maybe with spray paint or pinwheels or a line-up of Miss America pageant winners from OCU.

My notes say Joan will perform a wild flash dance -- but I think this refers to a group dance rather than an individual performance. It will appear to be spontaneous (although in reality it will be carefully orchestrated).

Other topics of conversation were:

<> Press Releases. Rod Jones is the media guy at OCU, and we can count on him to push some publicity for our event.

<> Printing of flyers. OCU might be able to help with this. We also have some $ in our budget to cover the cost of printing some.

<> Carmen reminded us that the Japanese Ambassador will be in town on Friday, August 5th. He will be recognized in a special event at the State Capitol at 2pm. She has more info on this for anyone who might be interested in attending.

Oh, wait. There's more.
My notes say, "Where is parking?"

We will need to use our mass communication skills to direct participants to the best parking spots available -- that is, wherever OCU says. At a minimum, we'll use email and Facebook, etc.

Promotion. Steve has an innovative idea about using online video for outreach and promotion of the event. He volunteered to produce a short video -- a commercial of sorts, I suppose. We talked about a script and the submission of personal endorsements. Steve will edit them into an attention-grabbing spot that people will want to watch again & again!

(We'll collaborate on this video thing).
Carmen will promote the event through contacts she has with OFLTA.

At the end of the meeting, we walked over to the McDaniel Center. We surveyed the space again, visualizing the placement of tables, chairs, speakers, etc.

The meeting ended with a feeling of solidarity and satisfaction that we're doing something that Joe will be proud of.

Bill Bryant

405-622-2030 ... office

405-760-5322 ... mobie / text


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peace Begins with Me connecting to We the world!

Casady Service-Learning will be participating in the 11 Days – 11 Ways Campaign! Motivate to act on issues of social justice, civic responsibility, and peace.

If you have any programs, events or actions, please post them on the Global Unity Calendar at http://www.globalunitycalendar.org/.  The WE Campaign & The United Religions Initiative: http://www.we.net/, http://www.uri.org/

Focus Area(s)
Theme 1 – Unity,
Theme 3 – Environment,
Theme 8 – Human Rights,
Theme 11 – The International Day of Peace, Values, Ethics and Spirit
Peace, the heart of service

YAC Peace begins with me: September 11-September 21 (At Brainstorming stage)
1. Encourage Random Acts of Kindness daily
2. Provide quotes for a Better Life at daily announcements
3. Share JASO Anime Peace Movie: September 10 On a Paper Crane
4. Share JASO Anime Peace Movie: September 17: Paper Crane making
5. International Day of Peace : Pinwheels for peace making in Primary and Lower divisions, International Club MD, language and art classes Upper division
6. Plant a tree following ENO School guidelines 100 million trees by 2017
7. Interfaith, intergenerational volunteering at a non-profit on September 11.
8. International Day of Peace chapel speakers (Jeremy, Brannan, etc)
9. Volunteering with STUCO and YAC wherever they select
10. Volunteering at Boys and Girls Club and Britton Elementary
11. Volunteering at Vineyard and Canterbury

Possible Skype with Jeremy Gilley, September 7th, 10:00 a.m. Central Time

Free educational resources: http://content.yudu.com/A1mxln/podusaeduresource/resources/index.htm?referrerUrl=  (Udd....)

YOUTH LEAD OKC Brainstorming
Dear Friends: I am amazed about the work Youth LEAD is doing. Please see the two videos and read the attached information. I look forward to your feedback. Carmen Clay. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/freedom-to-believe-or-not/id400203724?i=93295891  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhhb82o0JmI&feature=player_embedded  and read the below information.

1. An introduction to Youth LEAD: Inspiring and mobilizing youth leaders to reflect upon their values and beliefs, connect with others across differences, and act together to address local and global challenges.

2. A summary of trainings:  Training Goals and Objectives: Youth LEAD provides eight day-long skill sessions:

1. Communication (two modules)
2. Facilitation (three modules)
3. Project Management (one module)
4. Mentorship (one module)

Communication Module
Goal: To strengthen respectful communication among youth.
· Actively listen to the life experiences of others
· Respectfully communicate issues relating to their own identity
· Recognize common stereotypes, as well as their own personal stereotypes
· Identify challenges to pluralism in your own community

Managing Difficult Conversations Module
Goal: To learn new ways to respectfully engage in difficult conversations.
· Learn how to craft questions and other communication tools that invite people to communicate something new, rather than the “same old argument”
· Practice using these tools with “real life” examples
· Understand the definition of dialogue
-  Know when it’s helpful to use it
- Learn how it works
- Understand how the goals of dialogue differ from debate or just talking

Facilitation Module
Goal: To learn to facilitate modules and presentations.
· Speak comfortably in front of a group while facilitating activities in a professional manner
· Give and receive feedback in a self-affirming way
· Develop workshop templates and establish goals
· Lead small group discussions
· Use your personal story to connect with your audience

Advanced Facilitation Module
Goal: To learn advanced skills to lead modules.
· Facilitate modules and dialogues with relative ease
· Recognize and handle road blocks or difficult participants
· Give helpful feedback to others and utilize self-reflection

Dialogue Facilitation Module
Goal: To learn facilitation skills to lead structured dialogue.
· Understand facilitator role
· Review dialogue principles and qualities of well-crafted questions
· Practice setting up, running, and de-briefing a dialogue
· Monitor group process

Project Management Module
Goal: To develop skills essential to creating and implementing programs that cultivate pluralism.
· Generate a complete vision
· Create a detailed plan and execute that plan from start to finish
· Monitor progress and generate alternate plans when needed
· De-brief project successes and failures

Mentor Module
Goal: To provide adult mentors with tools to support teens.
· Prepare work plans and other strategic planning tools
· Turn difficult situations or “failures” into growth moments
· Strengthen active listening skills and recognize assets in all youth leaders
· Support the process without controlling the outcome

3. Links to the TIDE conference video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhhb82o0JmI&feature=player_embedded  In May,130 people gathered at TIDE 2011, including one teen active in the Orange County Interfaith Youth Forum. He presented a brilliant workshop on Sikhism. Our vision is that teens from all over the country will present workshops, either on their faith tradition, service projects, or other identity related involvement.

I have additional information about program outcomes, including projects created by teens following pilots we conducted on Staten Island, NY and the Islamic Center of New England, but didn't want to overwhelm you with too much information. Let me know if you'd to know what other youth have created after taking part in the trainings.

I look forward to speaking with you again, hopefully with Joan and some youth after you've had a chance to talk together.

Janet Penn, Executive Director, Youth LEAD ~ Youth Leaders Engaging Across Differences, http://www.youthleadonline.org/. janet@ifaction.org, +1 781-784-0651,
"Reflect, Connect, Act"

Happy B-Day Nelson Mandela

Monday, July 18, 2011

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 26, 2:00 p.m. OCU Library

Follow-up last meeting items

New Items

a. Universal Day of Peace: August 6-7: Barefoot Gen Film sent by Shinnyo-en Foundation available for viewing with handout from Standford University's SPICE http://spice.stanford.edu/

b. Peace Tree: Purchase of movie for general viewing?

c. Service Possibilities
a. Interfaith, Intergenerational service possibilities on September 10 : Food Bank (Morning and afternoon shift) in collaboration "NEWS" mawad@cair.com and Janet Penn, http://www.youthleadonline.org/ , janet@ifaction.org , +1 781-784-0651 and

Brennan Randall, Speaker: September 11 definitely works for me. August 6 and 7 is a little trickier. I probably will be out of town with limited internet access. Do you know what time the presentation would be? ????

Sorry for the delay in replying; I am on a summer schedule. I would be happy to help out. I could speak briefly about my experience as a teacher at a boarding school in upstate New York when the September 11 attacks occurred. About six of our students had parents who worked in the World Trade Center (none were injured) and we had several international students who were Muslim. This created some tension at the school, but also opened doors to conversations that promoted greater understanding. Please let me know if you think this would be a suitable topic.

Dear Brendan:

I was checking http://ifaction.org/ / and I saw that the youth picked you as their keynote speaker for their TIDE conference. I found your contact information through a Goggle search in a resource provided by Harvard University to the media.

My name is Carmen Clay. I facilitate a service requirement for graduation at Casady School http://www.casady.org/podium/default.aspx?t=28916 , independent, college preparatory, Episcopal School. The Casady YAC-intergenerational service youth council, http://www.casady.org/podium/default.aspx?t=29893&rc=0  and I are looking for ways to bring greater teen involvement and ownership of service based on values and to connect to youth of other faiths in Oklahoma City to serve together on September 11, and the weekends before or after September 21, & April 19 to focus on kindness over violence, peace over war.

One way to inspire youth is through motivational, engaging speeches. I am searching for people who might be interested in being pro bono SKYPE speakers for the 10th anniversary of September 11th. The aim is to increase the number of students from different faiths to serve together at the Food Bank on Sunday, September 11 from 1-4 first. We have Upper Division daily chapel time at noon, central time. I wonder if your schedule might permit you to engage us with an 8-10 minute speech. You will be part of a series of chapel SKYPE and local Respect Diversity Foundation speakers http://www.respectdiversity.org/home.html.  You might precede Jeremy Gilley http://peaceoneday.org/en/welcome  creator of the International Day of Peace. I won a SKYPE time by completing a survey and we are working with his people and his schedule for him to speak before September 21.

I have to reserve chapel schedule in advance so I am trying to line-up all the speakers for the year. Other opportunities when the community service-learning program provides chapel speakers are the week before MLK Day and during National Volunteer Week, April 15-21

Brendan Randall, Ed.D. Candidate
Harvard Graduate School of Education

b. Planting 50 trees around Oklahoma Schools between September 11- September 21: Carmen, I have prices for 3 gallon size trees, which could be delivered for free in lots of 50 trees by September 21 – see the attached application.  I do not have prices for the bigger trees, and will not receive the new prices until late Summer or Fall. Please see the attached application for trees. The prices for the large trees are last planting seasons’ prices and may change. I doubt that the larger trees could be delivered by September 21.  I hope we can work together to get trees to schools for the September 21 Day of Peace.  I look forward to hearing from you. 
Mary Gilmore Caffrey,Executive Director of The Tree Bank Foundation
16301 N. Rockwell, Bldg. A Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 330-4701 (405) 330-5415
Email: mcaffrey@thetreebank.org
Website: http://www.thetreebank.org/

16301 N. Rockwell, Bldg. A, Edmond, OK 73013
TELE: 405-330-4701
FAX: 405-330-5415
e-mail:mcaffrey@thetreebank.org website: www.thetreebank.org

Thank you for your interest in trees from The Tree Bank Foundation. We believe this project is having a profound effect on the attitudes of our fellow citizens, as well as tourists. Businesses and individuals considering relocating to our area will find a greener, more pleasant environment. We look forward to working with you. Let's green where we live!

Requirements for obtaining trees:

1. Trees must be planted on PUBLIC OR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION property. Publicly owned easements on private property do NOT qualify. Businesses and new construction sites must receive special approval. Churches must plant trees within 10 feet of the street easement. A minimum order of 5 trees is required.

2. You will be responsible for planting and maintaining the trees for three (3) years. Maintenance includes watering, pruning, treating with insecticides, and disposing of any trees that die. You must sign the Tree Maintenance Agreement attached.

3. Attendance at a brief, one-time tree planting and maintenance training course will be required, unless a professional planting contractor is hired. We will work with you to schedule your attendance or to lend you a video tape or written materials of the training.

4. Call OKIE at 840-5032 to report your planting site. OKIE will inform you of any buried utility cables, gas lines, etc., at your site.

5. If the site is on public property, we will notify the local government entity and ask that the site be reviewed. You will be notified to mark the tree locations with stakes prior to this site review.

6. You will be responsible for loading and transportation of your trees from a distribution site during business hours. We will coordinate this with you. Delivery may be available for a fee.


8. Number 2 grade trees (less perfect as to form) are available upon request (These trees may sometimes require additional care to improve form.) $38 for 1.75” caliper and $48 for 2” caliper each available in lots of 50 trees only. Ask us which species are available in Number 2 grade.

9. Larger trees are available upon request at an additional cost.

If you are able to fulfill the above requirements for obtaining trees, please complete the enclosed Tree Request Application and Tree Maintenance Agreement.

Send To: The Tree Bank Foundation
c/o Mary Gilmore Caffrey, Executive Director
16301 N. Rockwell Bldg A, Edmond, OK 73013
Telephone: 405-330-4701 Fax: 405-330-5415
Email: mcaffrey@thetreebank.org
Website: http://www.thetreebank.org/


Organization Name____________________________________________
City State Zip _____________Phone_______________
Contact Person Phone_______________
Fax Number: ________________________ E-Mail
Proposed planting site (be specific):

SITE NAME:__________________________________________________
SITE ADDRESS:______________________________________________

Propose site is in what municipality?

Is water available at the proposed site? Yes No

If no, how far is accessible water from the proposed site?


Yes, as a participant in The Tree Bank Foundation program, I agree to be responsible through (Date - 3 Years) for the maintenance (including watering, pruning, spraying, and disposal of dead trees) of the trees I propose to plant.


1 ¾" – 2” Trunk Diameter Trees Available
Maple, Shantung 1 ¾” – Trunk Dia. 73.00
Oak, Northern Red 1 ¾” – Trunk Dia. 73.00
Elm, Lacebark 1 3/4” Trunk Dia. 73.00
Pine, Austrian 5’-6’ Tall 58.00
Juniper, Spartan 5’ –6’ Tall 58.00
Juniper, Blue Point 5’-6’ Tall 58.00

Total Number Requested Subtotal Cost
(A minimum order is 5 trees) Tax 8.375%


1 ¾”- 2” Trunk Diameter TREES ARE:
· Number 1 grade
· Approximately 1 ¾” -2" in caliper
· Approximately 8 to 12 feet tall.
· Burlaped & may be in a wire basket with an 18"-24" diameter root ball that weighs approximately 200 pounds
· Easily handled by two people with a tree dolly
· Easily transported - Load 5-8 trees in a full-sized pick-up truck or 20 trees in a 16' trailer
· Ready for delivery after the first freeze, winter through spring

3 Gallon size trees available
Oaks 3 gallon 11.00
River Birch 3 gallon 11.00
Sycamore 3 gallon 11.00
Crapemyrtle 3 gallon 11.00
Black Gum 3 gallon 11.00
Pistache(limited numbers) 3 gallon 11.00
Total Number Requested Subtotal Cost
(A minimum order is 50 trees for free delivery) Tax 8.375%
3 gallon TREES ARE:
· Number 1 grade
· Approximately ¾” in caliper
· Approximately 3-6 feet tall.
. Approximately 10 pounds
· Easily handled by one person
· Easily transported - Load 50 trees in a full-sized pick-up truck.
· Ready for delivery after the first freeze, winter through spring

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Changes to the Flyer

1. Time: 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  September 21, UCO...location!!!

2. Information about the contest, with contact information

3. Information about Gigi’s offerings for students and teachers who will be placing pinwheels on campus on Wednesday morning and early afternoon. (Gigi would like 45 minutes for showing a film, brief discussion, teaching the art of crane making and guiding students to make their own. We suggest they bring a sack lunch but that we have water available. We need to begin scheduling student groups.)

4. Location Confirmation: I just received confirmation that we are good to go for the Great Hall on the 21st and have it held from 10a.m-8p.m.   Jennifer

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 5th, 2nd Floor, OCU Library, 2:30 p.m.

Expected attendance: Reverend Jennifer Long (OCU), Dr. Meinheart(OCU), Bill Bryant(UNOK), Mikel Ibarra (C.A.S.T. for the World), Steve MacLinn(Ojas Music.com), Joan Korenblit(Respect Diversity Foundation), Dr. Gigi Hu (JASO)

Pinwheels 2011-07-05: Jennifer Long ... jlong@okcu.edu, Carmen Clay ......clayc@casady.org, Bill Bryant ...... wildbill73107@cox.net, Joan Korenblit ... rdfrdf@cox.net, Mikel Ibarra ..... mikeliba@gmail.com, Steve McLinn ..... steve@ojasmusic.com, Gigi Hu .......... tyghu@hotmail.com, Clydia Forehand .. clydiaforehand@ou.edu, Joe Meinhart ..... Jmeinhart@okcu.edu, Mark Davies ...... mdavies@okcu.edu

These are my notes from the planning meeting for the International Day of Peace celebration at OCU -- also known as "Pinwheels For Peace."

In attendance were: Jennifer Long, Joan Korenblit, Steve McLinn, Gigi Hu, Joe Meinhart, Mark Davies, and myself (Bill Bryant).  Our meeting convened in the 2nd floor conference room of the Dulaney-Browne Library at OCU.

The meeting was good, with lots of participation from everyone. There was a cordial atmosphere, and by the end of the meeting we were joking with one another and feeling a sense of our shared culture. Joe and Steve serenaded us with pop songs from the '70s.

Before ending the meeting, we walked over to the McDaniel Center (just west of the library), where we surveyed the Great Hall, the Shdeed Lounge, and the Quad.

LOCATION: The task of identifying a usable space for our celebration was high on our list of priorities. We felt that the Great Hall offers a nice area for performances, and the Shdeed Lounge (just outside of the Great Hall) can accommodate information tables for our partner groups who want to be co-sponsors of the event.

Pinwheels Contest: We're counting on Mikel and other teachers to help organize the production of pinwheels in their schools. Then, we anticipate that students and teachers will be invited to deliver their creations to OCU during the day on Wednesday, September 21st. Pinwheels will be planted on the Quad -- maybe all the way out to 23rd Street.

(With respect to putting art on display, Carmen has suggested that giant pinwheels could be created as part of a contest. And, that some pinwheels might be placed on the OCU campus as early as September 11th. We didn't talk about these ideas. Maybe at our next meeting we will).

Paper Cranes. Throughout the day on the 21st, the Great Hall will be used as a workshop area. A short film about Paper Cranes will be shown there, and students will be given instructions on how to create them. Gigi has a vision of how this part of the celebration will take place.

The Venue. Jennifer needs to check with Mary Benner about the availability of the Great Hall and Shdeed Lounge on the 21st. Nothing has been confirmed yet in this regard.

Performances. As in year's past, we expect that we will have good participation from various dance groups and musicians. We made a point to express how much we would like to make this event a showcase for some performers from OCU. Joe Meinhart will help us to extend our invitation to OCU singers, dancers, ensembles, etc.

(Carmen's draft flyer refers to Dr. Clydia Forehand as an additional resource for "Peace Songs." Dr. Forehand is affiliated with the Confucius Institute and OKITEA -- not to be confused with the Tea Party!).

Speakers. We'll need to have a good Emcee for the performance part of our celebration. Do we know who this person is yet? We think we might like to have a couple of featured speakers -- folks who can convey some words that are appropriate to the occasion. Everyone agrees that these messengers of peace should be people who recognize the value of brevity.

The Finale. The culmination of the performances will be some sort of interactive, participatory dance -- like we've had in the past. The Japan-America Society of Oklahoma -- JASO -- has an interactive peace dance that might be incorporated into this moment. If the weather isn't bad, we think we might move the entire celebration outside (onto the Quad) for this final part of the event.

OCU Things. We love the folks at OCU. Beyond providing a venue, they will be able to help us with lots of related things -- like, providing some publicity (news release), helping us get parking permits if we need them, and arranging for the tables & chairs, etc., that we will need. We are mindful of the university's need for assurances with respect to the safety and security of the campus. We'll comply with any special rules / regulations that might be required.

Flash Mob. Joan imagines that our Pinwheels Celebration may provide an opportunity for us to organize a flash mob. This is an idea that is brewing. A little more time is needed for the flavor of this activity to come out. We'll discuss it more at our next meeting.

Films for Peace. Carmen has in mind that we should show films with messages of peace, and she has a list of titles. We recommend that these films should be scheduled for September 18th -- the Sunday preceding the Internaional Day of Peace. We think Harbour Winn might be willing to work with us on publicizing and showing the films. Harbour directs the OCU Film Institute. We need to discuss this idea some more.

Next Meeting:  We agreed to meet again on Tuesday, July 26th, at 2pm. Probably in the library at OCU.

I may have left out some of the details of our meeting. If I got anything twisted the wrong way, please be sure to let me know. Whenever I write up the notes of a meeting, I always appreciate suggestions for improvement.
Bill Bryant



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