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First International Day of Peace OCU Pinwheels for Peace Festival meeting, April 11, 2012

Dear Pinwheels Planning Committee,

Mikel<>;Steve McLinn<>;Respect Diversity Foundation<>;Bill Bryant<>;Daniel Kline<>;Saundra Delgado<>;Dianna Freeland<>;Gigi>

OCU confirmed.  Thank you Joan for hospitality of first meeting

Pinwheels for Peace 2012 planning notes: 4/11/12
1) Officers
2) History of the Festival
a. On website
i. With copy and photo of Sadie
ii. Send info that you have to Mikel
iii. Deadline:
3) OCU
a. No confirmation as venue yet
i. We may have to go to another venue
b. Does anyone know the performing arts professors
i. Reading from English department
ii. Mike Fresonke: Guitar professor (daniel willcontact)
1. Dance iii. Anna Resnick: wind ensemble professor (danielwill contact)
1. Drumming
c. Show too long
i. Have all performers arrive 1 hour before
d. Drumming outside
e. More volunteers involved
f. Email correspondence
i. Keep communication to ourselves while planning
ii. Don’t engage professors or venue managers with topics that don’t concern them. We don’twant to waste their time.
g. Mikel will contact OCU
h. Gigi Hu
i. Will do origami for schools who come
ii. Chaddo green tea ceremony (sponsor)
iii. Bon Odori dance
i. Flashmob
i. Last year’s choreography was a little difficult ii. Easier choreography
j. Stage manager
i. Saundra did last year
ii. Need 2 or 3 more volunteers to assist in makingsure that performers are where they need to be
k. Friday this year
i. Start at 6:00 pm, tell people to eat before theycome
l. Video promo
i. To encourage new schools to participate
ii. Steve can make
iii. Put on website
m. Staff shirts
i. Bright colored
ii. Sell afterwards?
n. Parking signs
i. Have 100, per Bill Bryant
o. Scheduling of event
i. Time to set up audio and video
p. Drumming in TV room? Out of the heat

4) Have Carmen’s funding opportunities and PosterPresenter proposition

5) Sponsors
a. Impressions printing
b. Sonic bottled water

6) Dreamline for this year

7) Website
8) Other notes
1) 11 days of unity, may be too much to do
2) trophy for Sadie
3) getting teachers involved (bringing pinwheelsfrom their schools)
4) 2012 budget a. $913 from Linda Esser Memorial
5) Capitol Hill, dancers very good

1) Steve will call video teacher at Francis Tuttle
2) Mikel will contact OCU to verify that we willhave the ok for venue
3) Daniel will
a. contact Mike Fresonke and Anna Resnick re: musicat event (inquire about dance)
b. send video instructor contact to Steve forstreaming video Daniel Kline Web Developer (405)208-3381 Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 22:44:40 -0500 Subject: Reserving rooms and furniture from OCU



Dear Planning Group, Jennifer Long, our liaison from OCU, has already asked for our equipment and room needs so here is the list that I have requested thus far:
1) The Great Hall from 9 am- 9 pm
2) The room adjacent to the Great Hall for changing/ gathering/ etc.
3) Use of the Quad for a pinwheel installation and labyrinth installation for the duration of the day
4) 8 tables for the Great Hall during the origami/ anime event
5) Sponsor tables in the lounge like we had last year +a table for performers to sign in 6) University AV People to help during the event and workers capable of setting up mics, running cord, and moving furniture between 3-5
7) I also asked if they had a PA system we could use vs. Steve having to bring his own equipment (I will need exact specs from Steve) Jennifer likes the idea of us settling our needs and meeting without her and then she and I getting together to discuss. Closer to the event she will meet with all of us to make sure that we have everything we need. Dr. Meinhart has been cut to part time, but she thinks he will still be able to attend our meetings and assist as well. For Now, I need your feedback on what she can suggest to her faculty for activities for Peace Day and for ways they can connect their departments with what we are planning for 9/21 before they let out for the summer. She says the men's and women's groups will still make pinwheels, but she is not sure how we can guarantee more student interaction. She asked that we not gauge the success of our event on whether or not the OCU students participated, but to allow this tradition to grow as we are teaching them about Peace Day and they see what is going on annually. I know our enthusiasm is contagious. Please reply so I can check my new "pinwheel planning group" list. If you would like me to change your email or if I have left out anyone, please inform. Thank you everyone! I think we are already miles ahead of last year!

Carmen Suggestions: Taiko drumming from Ou,osu, uco, connecting to international student association, service programs at different universities, youth groups, oflta. Boys and girls clubs, YMCA metro tech academy, green schools. I will do that.

Having a skype with ocu interested students with Jeremy gilley the week of September 11 to promote 11 days of unity on campus. Check out we the world. I would like to have a table where kids could watch the charter of compassion and write haikus do individual art or collaborate on a mural which could be part of rdf" exhibit

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 International Day of Peace OKC- OCU Pinwheels for Peace Festival


Wednesday, April 11 at 4:30 @ 2808 W. Lexington Way, Edmond, OK 73012. Once you turn north on Lexington Way (from Edmond Road / Second Street) follow Lexington Way for 3 blocks (to the cul-de-sac).

Please RSVP to let me know that you’ll be able to attend this meeting TO, 405/359-0369


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